Now more than ever, the importance of trying to market a company in as many different places as possible has become paramount. A simple listing in a directory or a few flyers being posted in a local neighborhood, not to mention word of mouth aren’t enough to try and increase awareness of a business, particularly one that’s starting up.

An online business, just a click away!

Going online is something the vast majority of businesses large and small are doing in order to keep ahead of the curve. Some companies are choosing to make their website the cornerstone of their entire operations by choosing to sell their products exclusively online, while others are using the web to complement an existing retail outlet or warehouse. A lot more people are are taking advantage of eCommerce and saving time by buying products online. Take that step today and consider your options for an online business.

Having a website is an absolute must for businesses irrespective of how big or small they may be. Even the tiniest SME could make good use of what the web has to offer by engaging with customers, improving their marketing materials and boosting brand recognition through the site itself and various social media channels, but what’s needed to make it happen?

Get the basics of an online business right!

There are two things you need more than anything else for your website: hosting and a domain name. When it comes to the latter, you’re faced with so much choice provided that the web address you want is available. However, domains such as ‘.com’ and ‘’ are the most recognisable, with ‘.com’ being particularly appealing for small firms who want to expand globally one day. Get the domain right and register a great domain that suits your business. Register your domain with a credible company and invest some time in looking for a great hosting company as well. You should read both positive and negative reviews on the hosting companies you choose to make sure you are selecting exactly what your business needs.

There are a few hosting options you should consider:

  • Shared hosting – this is good for small-scale websites that don’t require too much bandwidth, but the space is limited
  • Virtual private hosting – an intermediate option, it’s good for mid-sized websites and generally offers greater value for money. Less prone to crashing
  • Dedicated servers – they offer complete control over the whole website and high bandwidth, but are only recommended for large companies with a significant customer base

When choosing hosting, consider what you want on your site before making a decision. Domain providers and Hosting expert’s are always working to make it a simple procedure:

“At Daily, we are aware that technology is constantly advancing and as a result we want to keep improving our features to meet your needs. We’ve speeded up our domain search so that it’s ultra-lightning speed. In order for a website to remain live, space on a server somewhere in the world must be kept on at all times. This is what you are paying for”, they said.