Sometimes you can make better decisions on where to get what, what to buy or what to use when you get a second instant opinion. There’s now an app for getting feedback in virtually every area of your life (music, artwork, shopping, hairstyles, relationships, movies, food, etc.). If you’re looking for a quick opinion on something, Thumb makes it quick and instant. Get feedback, help others with your opinion, and start a conversation…instantly.

Thumb let’s you ask any question and receive 50-100 responses from real people in just a few minutes!  Simple questions typically generate hundreds of thumbs up or thumbs down, plus comments, from the network’s very active user base, sometimes within minutes.

On the Thumb social network you can converse one-on-one with people that share your opinions.  More than just giving something a thumbs up or down, responders can also comment on a post explaining their answer.  It takes about 6 seconds for a question on Thumb to receive an opinion, and most questions receive approximately 70 opinions total.

Questions can include pictures, and opinions consist of thumbs up or down votes and comments. If you have an idea about a product you want to buy and need a quick second opinion, Snap a photo, upload to Thumb and crowdsource the decision-you will be surprised at the immediate response and answers you will receive from the Thumb social network.

Asking a question on Thumb

To ask a question or seek an opinion on Thumb, Go to the Ask tab and type in your question. Then simply attach a picture and select a category. You can further specify who sees your posting by selecting your audience (the community, a specific gender, certain Thumb friends/contacts. You can also share your question using Facebook and/or Twitter.

Voting on questions

You can choose to vote on your Friends’ Questions or Public Questions. If you choose to vote on the public, you can also filter which categories you want to view to further customize your experience. Type in a comment/response and then hit Thumbs up, down, or neutral and you’ll be presented with another question. If you leave a comment, you’ll be able to see the results of that question and talk to the person who asked it by going to the Results tab and tapping “You Helped”.

Thumb pro, a premium version allows brands, agencies, and market research firms to tap into community for the same type of concentrated, instant feedback.

Thumb, launched in 2010 has over 1.5 million users and has raised $6.74 million in venture financing . Thumb launched an update that routes questions by location this year.


  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing this. Go to the Ask tab and type in question is the best idea for the users. it could be very beneficial for us. Using this we can get easy and proper answer to our question.

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