YouTube is without a doubt the world’s best video networking social platform which allows users to interact with the multimedia by sharing their creativity with one another through uploading of videos. But that does not mean that by posting a highly engaging video, you will immediately achieve an audience. Only YouTube marketing is simply not enough. You will need to take the support of the highly popular social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook in order to develop your brand. There are people who do not consider social media to be a potential platform and ultimately they miss out on a valuable opportunity. In order to avoid this, let’s have a look at some of the best social media marketing strategies useful for YouTube marketing.

Videos Created should be Compelling Enough

A major section of the people always aims to create a viral video for gaining popularity within a short span of time. But that is not the key to success. Most of them are incapable of handling millions of people simultaneously. It is always better to concentrate on the specific needs of an audience. Videos should be compelling, valuable, & helpful to both clients & prospects. Instead of writing a blog, you can create a video which covers all the answers to your FAQs, slide shows, video captures, & expert interviews.

Videos should be Easily Searchable

Videos should be such that could be searched easily internally within the YouTube & even externally if required. Videos often play an important role for they appear on search engines quite easily compared to other stuff. Some key areas need to be focused on for achieving this:

  • The keywords targeted should be in the title.
  • The description should start with a URL & should be rich in keywords.
  • All relevant keywords should be available in the tags.
  • Other than the above basic variables, likes, comments, subscribers & page views also make a big difference in the sociability factor of the videos.

Subscriber base should be built with annotations

Clickable Calls to Actions (CTA) should be included with annotations present on your videos in YouTube. The annotations contain subscribe option, channels or playlists, links to other videos, time, as well as accompany with the YouTube videos. These annotations are important in case you video becomes outdated. So instead of deleting the whole thing, you can simply create a new one. Ultimately the outdated video will divert the audience to the newer version that is the correct one.

Subscribers & friends should be alerted regarding the bulletin post

With the use of Post Bulletin tab you can create a new bulletin whose link will feature on your video that is presented on the friend’s or subscriber’s home page. This is a great way to attract traffic & visitors.

You should also focus on YouTube Ads

You can actually use YouTube ads to brand yourself, by bidding on just keywords for a few pennies rather than paying for the whole sum for a Facebook or Google ad. Once your video is submitted as a video for promotion, you can add clickable Call to Action (CTAs) for it which allows users to access videos & go to your website through a right click.

YouTube Insights should be reviewed

Analytics present on YouTube enable users to have a detailed powerful insight as to who all are watching your videos & what is the source through which they discovered you. The information could also be gathered on a specific video & all the uploaded videos from your side. Most watched videos could be reviewed accompanied by feedback from the community such as likes, comments, etc., that resonates pretty well with the visitors.

Every Facebook post should accompany a visual

In usual cases, Facebook posts lack a strong visual impact. Make the best of your YouTube videos by equipping each & every post with an eye-catching and strong visual of the video. Use a picture to go along with the news, announcement, or anything else that you are sharing through your videos. Facebook posts with pictures leading to relevant videos march ahead significantly due to the embedded video links & text.

Always keep a discussion associated with your videos

An open ended discussion always encourages users to give their opinions or perspective related to what they actually feel after looking at the videos. This will let the videos as well as the content present in it to be always fresh on a continual basis. Eventually more & more people will be enticed to click, watch the video & participate in the discussion.


The above YouTube marketing tips are meant for a better engagement of your users with your videos. YouTube is an extremely crucial source because unlike Twitter or Facebook, it helps you to interact with your audience through visuals & sound. What we saw are just the basics of how to use YouTube & social media marketing in a combined form to your advantage. If you have got any more strategies for the same, you can always write to us, participate in our discussion, or follow us on our upcoming articles.

Alan Smith is an avid tech blogger with vast experience in various IT domains, currently associated with SPINX Inc., a Los Angeles, California based website design, web development and internet marketing company. Follow Alan on Google+ and Twitter.

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