Google Play Store is practically swamped with thousands of applications for Android. Some are purely functional, some less so, and of course many are just plain fun. However, there are some apps that have the potential to grow in the future and open new functions for Android systems. The following five android apps can be considered to be the “geekiest” and all of them are worth keeping an eye on for new and expanding developments.

Innovation in Creativity

There is little an Android system can’t do. With applications like AIDE and Photoshop Mobile, Android systems enter another playing field that was long considered a desktop or laptop computer area. While not capable of utilizing all functions found on the computer versions just yet, being able to code programs and edit photos on the road is already an advantage for many creative people.

Coding apps like AIDE could allow for editing applications in the programming and testing stage directly on the system they’re due to run on, saving time and hassle for programmers. Similarly, photography enthusiasts can edit images immediately and add to them as they see fit with more than just filters, while photo manipulation could be made easier for those who don’t wish to heavily rely on stock photography. It’s likely that full functionality, such as drawing and doing vector work, isn’t far behind.

Expanding Possibilities in Social Media

According to Wikipedia, there are over 200 major social media sites. You could narrow those down to the most active and popular ones in the world, and there would still be more than enough to register and keep track of. Furthermore, even if you limit yourself to the bare minimum, you’ll often find yourself managing at least two.

While most social networks have apps for each platform, having one app to keep track of all of them saves space and makes management easier. But Android applications like Seesmic that merge your social networks into one are more than just practical for keeping track of the happenings around you and your contacts. With job recruiting and application moving toward using social media to their advantage with support of recruiting tracking software, in turn you as applicant can remain up to date on any developments and updates on the side of your potential future employer.

Symbiosis with Virtual Reality

Google powered applications on the other hand are trending more toward a merging with virtual reality. For example, Google Goggles and Google Sky Map are dependent on Android cameras and the already large amount of Google functions. While still in an early stage, their current options are already interesting enough.

Used much like a familiar barcode scanner, Google Goggles searches a query based on a photo of any item you wish. If that car catches your eye, you just need to take a picture of it. Unlike barcode scanners however, Google Goggles isn’t restricted to products alone, but can even translate signs in other languages.

With developments such as these, science fiction ideas could very well be not too far in the future.