How do you create content that excites people enough to share it?. Thousands (if not millions) of blog posts are written and shared daily and each blogger expects his or her content to attract likes, tweets and pins. If your content is great enough,  somebody will most likely share with a friend or followers. If the title of your content is excellent you will attract clicks then subsequently likes and tweets when the content is as great as the title. On Facebook you should apply the same principle, post great content or update and be consistent.

Facebook’s algorithm shows that the more people share a post and make it go viral, the more people want to see it. In the infographic below, you will find 14 different ways to  boost your Facebook visibility and inspire more SHARES!. In short, to get the kind of attention your content or post on Facebook deserves, be consistent, post at the best time possible, use great images people will be proud to share, keep  it short, update must be relevant for your audience, include a call to action where necessary, be entertaining, educative or informative and you can still make  lists, people still love them.


Presented by Mari Smith and ShortStack