Search engine optimization (SEO), is the most in-demand, robust and innovative online marketing technique, which intends solely to boost website traffic and get quality in-links. It is an undeniable fact that SEO is a need of the hour. The purpose of SEO is to enhance your website’s visibility in a way that search engine spiders can read your website and navigate through it easily.

Adopting SEO strategies, you can optimize your website properly and leverage better exposure, and thus dragging in more visitors to your website. However, to conduct SEO practices loads of patience and persistence are needed by the professionals. Website owners can use SEO tools and techniques while web designing.

Outlined below are the top 6 SEO tips that every web designer and web developer must follow to improve their website’s page ranking in the search results:

1. Reevaluate the extreme use of Flash and JavaScript messages

Overuse of embedded JavaScript or flash images as the main content of your website makes it challenging for the search engine crawlers and web browsers to understand and rank your website, which can result in poor page ranking of your website.

It is an undeniable fact that flash is the answer of appealing and engaging web design. But, the bitter truth is Flash images are not SEO-friendly. Search engine crawlers can’t read the text within the Flash framework. The crawlers can read only plain HTML text.

Whenever you use images in your web pages, give a proper description of them in the tag, so the search engine crawlers can read the description and know what the images are for. Don’t use framers until it is obligatory, as the content in the frames are not readable by the search engine crawlers. Similarly, while using videos and podcasts, make sure you use the tape script to make them readable.

2. Keyword Assimilation

Use of particular keywords plays a crucial role in SEO. Keywords enable the crawlers to understand what your website is all about and whom are you targeting your services for. A significant place to add a keyword is in the tag. The search engines showcase tags as the title of your web pages. You can also use keywords in the website URL and heading tags. This will help you get good page ranking.

On the other hand, over-density of the keywords is considered spamming and can make negative impact on your website’s ranking.  Your website may get punished for such work. Thus, make sure that you maintain 3-7% keyword density in the overall content of the website.

3. Quality Content

There is no point of performing SEO, if your website contains crap in place of quality content. Another most important thing to consider is keeping your content fresh and new, as the search engine crawlers prefer such content.

4. Create Quality In-Links

It is more important to have a few quality in-links than having thousands of irrelevant and unnecessary in-links. The reputation of the source website where the link is coming from also plays a major role in the good page ranking.

5. Meta tags are Important

Meta tags alone can’t make substantial changes in your website ranking, but when merged with the other marketing phenomenon can enhance your visibility on the web. Search engines like Yahoo and Bing yet count on meta tags. You can use meta tags to give a brief note on what your web page is all about. This brief note will be showcased when your website link is indexed in the search results.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the latest trend, it provides an opportunity to spread your voice to the large number of audience. Connect, share and influence targeted audience using various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. 4 out of 5 people across the world uses various social media channels in their daily routine and its increasing day by day.

Following right SEO tactics can make you win strategically and help you leverage the benefits of high productivity and profitability.

 Author Bio: Daniel is a tech writer associated with VITEB, a professional web design company in India. He got 5+ years of experience in writing articles on various technology subjects including web design, online marketing and social media. Follow him on Facebook.

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