It has never been more important for businesses to possess a well-designed, user-friendly and findable business website that promotes their products and services in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. It is no longer enough just to throw together a simple one-page website and forget about it, expecting that prospective customers will be able to find it and engage.

A strategic plan is required to gain maximum exposure for a brand or product online, hiring a professional design agency can help your website succeed. Here are a few general areas that need to be considered in order to achieve a successful website.

Interesting and Informative Content

Arguably the most important part of creating and maintaining a successful website is to make sure that it is an interesting and informative destination for visitors. This can be achieved by publishing articles and posts which are relevant to the brand or service. It also lends credibility and authority to the company, creating a sense of professionalism. Inform and educate your customers and visitors on industry tips and how to better use your product or on how to improve their business and career.

Social Media cannot be overemphasized

Social media are a crucial part of publicizing a website. A presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus will aid exposure of services and products and will also provide a convenient way for existing and prospective customers to ask questions and raise concerns or issues. Make it insanely easy for users to share your content on almost all the popular social sites. You should create groups and social pages to create a community around your brand. Leverage LinkedIn groups and Facebook pages to build your brand.

Functionality and Usability

It is vital that a website loads quickly, looks uncluttered and provides relevant information in a concise and timely manner. Part of the design and development process of a website build should be to test usability and loading times. A slow-loading website will result in prospective visitors leaving the website and searching elsewhere. Correct grammar and spelling is also important to present a professional appearance.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a skilled area of customization and requires experience. In layman’s terms, search engines prefer websites to be presented in a certain way. When they discover sites that they like, they will rank them highly. This, in turn, will deliver more visitors to the site and more custom. A key part to this area of strategy is that the traffic is free.

You should focus on creating great content if you expect lots of search traffic. Work on getting your site to load faster and write or share content your target audience will find most useful. Optimize your content for your users first before your focus on making it Google friendly.

 Monitor The competition

With the website running well and meeting all the requirements set out in the strategic plan, it is essential to monitor the competition. A good competitor will always meet any competition head on and will up their game accordingly.

It is never possible to rest on your laurels with a website. Everything is constantly changing. But with a little forethought and planning it is more than possible for a company to have a successful website that drives significant business.


You can also set aside a percentage of your marketing budget on pay-per-click.  Google Adwords and Microsoft Advertising are the main pay-per-click advertising methods online. These services will send traffic for a price. As with SEO, this requires experience to maximize the spend. You can hire a freelancer of an ad agency to handle your PPC ads or you could also do it yourself with the right experience for a successful campaign.

What strategies have worked for you in the past. Share your successful website tips with us in the comment box below.


  1. As for the “social media” thing, I’d say it’s indeed crucial to make it easy to share content… but witthout adding too much clutter to the pages (I hate it when websites display many share buttons, facebook connect stuff and all… hate it so much that I block all this kind of content, either with the Ghostery addon or dedicated AdBlock lists).

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