Remote team collaboration is becoming much more easier every new day. There are now hundreds of apps for getting work done and great apps for team collaboration. And guess what, there are more collaboration apps than you can keep track of. Tons of great task management software and apps are widely available for collaborators everywhere. The growth of cloud apps has made it easy for business professionals to do business just about everywhere.

Designers, business developers, and app engineers are comfortable doing business on laptops in coffee shops, from home and where necessary at the office. Employees are taking advantage of team collaboration apps to get work done in trains, in planes, buses, outside the city and sometimes even when on vacation.

No matter how far employees are from each, they can still work productively on projects. Collaboration is now more important in a connected world where work can be accomplished anywhere on a mobile device. Get more done today, this week, this month and this year with these 25 awesome team collaboration apps.

1. Flow— Keep tasks organized using due dates, lists, tags, and more

2. Skitch — Caption pictures, circle meeting spots on a map or annotate a PDF document

3. Google Apps–Get work done anywhere with Google’s productivity suite

4. Podio–One central place with tasks, calendar, contacts, activity stream etc

5. AgileZen–Visual, and collaborative way to manage your projects

6. Cloudup–Share streams of anything – video, photos, music, links and files

7. Asana–The place to plan, organize, and stay in sync

8. Samepage—Connecting people with their projects, conversations and files

9. Basecamp–Keep track of every file, discussion, and event from beginning to end

10. Planio–Platform for your projects, team members and clients

11. Box--access and edit your files, share content and stay connected with your team

12. Moovia–Social environment to host your team`s projects, tasks, meetings, ideas, documents etc.

13. 15Five–Surface problems, celebrate wins, discover great ideas in your company

14. Yammer–Private enterprise social network and employee collaboration

15. Flowdock–Team inbox with chat for technical teams

16. Salesforce  –offers an array of options for business-related apps

17. Teambox–A single place for shared tasks, discussions and files

18. Campfire — Instant messaging, but designed exclusively for groups

19. Producteev–social task management solution for teams

20. Trello–organizes your projects into boards

21. Evernote Business–makes the ideas, research and expertise of your team discoverable

22. 5pm–Share your projects, tasks, notes and files with your team

23. Huddle–Collaborate in the cloud with everyone inside and outside your organization

24. Dropbox–Share your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily

25.–Fast online meetings. Share your screen instantly with anyone.

If  we missed any of your favorite team collaboration apps, please let us know in the comments section below.


  1. We use to manage our time and keep the team in sync. It’s a must have for us!

  2. Hello there,
    thanks for the list of productive team tools. I can also recommend TEAMWIESN, a web based collaboration platform with task management, wiki, central file sharing and contact management. Based on Redmine, Git & Jenkins and easy to use even for non technical team members.

  3. Great list, we started using Trello recently. Everybody loves it! So simple to use and it gives a great sense of achievement when cards are moved over to the finish list. Best of all, it’s completely free. Highly recommend it.

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