There’s more to photo enhancement on your iPhone or Android than Instagram. If you are yearning for a lot more alternatives and even more options to what you can do with your photos, this is a definitive guide to the best photo apps, tools, blogs, communities and photography resources out there.

These are awesome photography resources you can use to improve your photographic experience and skills. The apps and resources  are grouped to make it easy for you to jump straight to what your are looking for. Some you may not have heard of, others you may be more familiar with. Just so you know, we’ll start by leaving Instagram off this photography resource list.

In no particular order, these are 45 of the best photography tools for both new and professional photographers

Social photography/photo sharing apps

1. Fotopedia – A photo magazine / app for iPad.

2.  Digisocial–Instagram with a social community and audio attachment.

3. PicsArt –gives you the power to be an artist

4. Camera+ –has a huge range of photo editing tools

5. FxCamera–takes photography creativity to another level.

6. Camera360 — is a remarkable iPhone photo app

7. Handy Photo– -a powerful photo editor

8. Camera Awesome—is truly awesome

9. After Focus — lets users manually add blurred backgrounds.

10. Photo Editor by Aviary–A very comprehensive photo editor

Check out some of the best photos out there for inspiration

11.  Fotobabble – Tell your stories with talking photos and slideshows.

12.  Imgur – The simple photo sharer.

13. 500px – Share and discover inspiring images.

14. Pixable – Finds the best photos shared on your social network.

Photography tutorials for the new photographer

15. Phototuts+ – Photography tutorials from beginner to advanced.

16. PictureCorrect – Lots of great tips and techniques.

17. PhotographyBLOG – Expert tips and advice on photography techniques.

18. – Learn how to take great photos consistently.

18.  Nikon Learn & Explore– Learn new shooting techniques, discover classes.

20. – A community with photography learning techniques.

21.  Outdoor Photographer How Tos – Expert advice on shooting outdoors.

22. Digital Photography School – Photography tips and tutorials.

Community of photographers

23. Pixoto – Online community where photographers compete in categories.

24. – Hand-picked photo curation community.

25. Photography Served – Fresh works from leading creative professionals.

26. ProductionParadise – Online visual media showcase.

27. PhotoShelter – Powerful websites for serious photographers.

28. iPhone Photography Awards – Annual iPhone photography awards.

29. Life in LoFi – iPhone photo news, showcases and app reviews.

30. The Big Picture – News stories in photographs from

31. Viewbug – A community which awards, promotes and shares photography.

32. Photography Talk – Photography forum and community.

33. 360Cities – World’s Largest 360° Panoramic Photography Community.

Print your photos or make a book out of them

34. Picplum – The easiest way to send photo prints.

53. Blurb – Photo book printing.

36. Mixbook – Photo book printing plus cards and calendars.

37. Shutterfly – Photo books, cards, prints, photo gifts and more.

38. Canvas on Demand – Print your photos on canvas.

These sites can help you make money from your photos

39. SmugMug – Share, protect and sell your photos.

40. Photoreflect – Over 20,000 photographers sell through Photoreflect.

41. Veer – Make up to $7 per download.

42. BIGSTOCK – Earn 30% royalties

43. Photoreflect – Over 20,000 photographers sell through Photoreflect

44. Depositphotos – Earn between 40-60% commission

45. Fotolia – Earn from 20-63% royalties on a sliding scale

You can add any other photography apps and tools you have found very useful in the past in the comment box below.

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