Every business expects to sell more products or services to remain in business. Your revenue is the oxygen that keeps you in business. The art of selling doesn’t come cheap. Some companies have invested heavily in creative ways to get more people to make purchasing decisions quicker. Others are investing in driving more sales via selected social channels. With an effective and measurable goal, you can get more sales coming through.

1. Plan for mobile shoppers

Greater percentage of  internet users are consistently using their mobile devices to access information, to educate themselves and shop when they can. Invest in your mobile site or you could hire a designer to create a responsive website for you and you will not have to optimise your site for mobile devices.

Your site needs to be able to re-size based on the device of the visitors, it is now more crucial than ever for optimize your site for mobile devices.  You can also add more visual content for people viewing on the go.

Users have little or no time to read heavy text. Make sure all product or sales buttons and calls to action are “tap-friendly.” If your buttons don’t respond with a single tap, users are likely to move on to another site without hesitation. And one more thing, your site needs to load faster now than yesterday.

2. Take a look at your pricing again

Greater percentage of shoppers decide to make purchases based on price. You cannot ignore your competition when it comes to price. Many online shoppers abandon the checkout process because shipping, taxes, or other expenses gets in the way of their shopping. Cut out unnecessary costs that could deter your prospective customers and focus on what has worked in the past.

3. Checkout process needs to be insanely simple!

One of the most biggest deterrents of completing a shopping process is the check-out process. Most shoppers stop right in the middle of the process because you are requesting the same information multiple times.

If you can, give them the option to pre-fill billing address with shipping information previously entered. It gets on everybody’s nerves. Cut out the unnecessary information request.

4. What Incentives do you offer

The competition for customers is very high. Consumers have too many options to choose from. You should be doing something very different and attractive to get attention which could lead to the final purchase. Turning your website visitors into customers takes time, effort and attractive offers.

Whatever you sell, there’s got to be something else you can so to keep your customers coming back.

You could offer special discounts, shopping rewards when users recommend your product to their friends. You can also offer deals to your Twitter and Facebook followers by giving away discounts for every a number of retweets each customer is able to generate.

Online coupon offers like Tradus Coupons  are attracting users because shoppers are always looking for the best deals out there. What are you offering your users, customers and prospective customers to keep them shopping and recommending your product or service to their friends.

5. Get social now!

The importance of getting social has been explained several times by most social business influencers. Social media has offered most businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers like never before.

The opportunities social media offers retailers are endless. Most companies leveraging social media are now listening more to their users and gathering important feedback from them.

Don’t just jump on every social media platform out there, make the most of few ones that are most effective based on feedback and user interactions.

Consistently measure how you are doing on every platform you use and stick to the a few that better communicate your marketing and sales message.

What are some of the creative ways you have sold your products to prospective buyers. Share with us in the comment box below.