Building a great mobile app is now faster and better. There are now hundreds of simple resources and tools that allow web and mobile consumers to build apps through HTML, drag-and-drop platforms, customize templates and user friendly interfaces.

The mobile applications market is moving towards $25 billion per year, according to a MarketsandMarkets report. It’s about time you  built something great for smartphone users, and guess what there are apps and tools  to make the process even simpler for even beginners.

These are some of the best mobile app development resources out there that guarantees stunning app for mobile devices.  These tools offer drag-and-drop interfaces, fast and easy mobile prototyping with support for designing some of the best Android, iOS and Windows mobile apps.

These apps and tools takes the hassle out of designing, prototyping, building, launching and promoting your mobile apps. Discover new users & engage your audience with some of the best mobile app development tools.

You can easily bootstrap your idea with drag and drop tools and distribute smart  mobile apps to generate early feedback for to enhance your apps.

Mobile App Development Tools

1. Ooomf – Create a beautiful landing page for your iPhone app in minutes.

2. Appcelerator – Mobile app platform for building on Android, iOS and mobile web.

3. GameSalad Creator – Create, test and publish your own game. Drag and drop.

4.  Parse – Add a powerful and scalable backend to your app in minutes.

5.  Mobile Roadie – Full CMS, no coding app builder for iOS and Android.

6. – Silly-fast mobile prototyping.

7.  StackOverflow – Question and answer site for programmers.

8.  Kendo UI Mobile – Build HTML5 apps that look native on any device.

9.  Tiggzi – Cloud-based mobile app builder.

10. Verious – A mobile app component marketplace.

11. justinmind – Rich interactive wireframes to define mobile apps.

12. UXPin – User experience design tools for professionals.

13. Chupa – The marketplace for buying/selling mobile app components.

14. Distimo – Providing valuable insight into the app store marketplace.

15. App Annie – App store analytics and market intelligence.

16. Kontagent – User analytics for the mobile web.

17. Applingua – iOS app localization (translation) service.

18. AppMakr – Point and click solution for building rich content based apps.

19. Flurry – Analytics, traffic acquisition and monetization.

20. Crittercism – Gives you real-time, actionable crash reports for mobile apps.

21. PhoneGap – Easily create apps using well known web technologies

Mobile App Marketing Resources

22. apptap – App search, recommendations and marketing.

23. – iOS app store SEO and marketing.

24. App Store Optimization – SEO for mobile apps.

25. Chartboost – Succeed in the app store through cross-promotion.

26. Appia – An open app marketplace with over 32k developers.

Mobile ads Platforms

27. Millenial Media – Monetization solutions for mobile app developers.

28. iAd – A significant revenue stream for iOS developers.

29. inneractive – Mobile advertising and marketing.

30. xAd – Local mobile ads.

31. Burstly – Empowers developers and enables them to make more money.

32. Airpush – Push ad network. Android app monetization.

33. madvertise – European mobile advertising marketplace.

34. Jumptap – Targeted mobile advertising.

35. ZooZ – Start accepting secure in-app payments within minutes.

36. StartApp – Get paid for your Android app downloads.


These are just a few of the best mobile creation appps we have discovered, If you have your own favorites, add them to the comment box below.


  1. Thanks for a great article, Thomas! As Engineer at Ariadna, one of Latin America’s leading interactive marketing agencies, I’m always interested in learning more about app creation.

    I recommend that you look into Proscape, as it’s a great solution for building custom sales and marketing apps. I’ve tried several different platforms for creating apps, and Proscape has proven to be the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective to use. This is because making apps with Proscape requires no custom coding at all. Furthermore, Proscape offers me the flexibility to include all of the features that my clients request – surveys, animations, videos, and even the ability to automatically target customers with the most relevant messages.

  2. Hi Thomas,

    I’m the Founder and Managing Director of Pyksys, a digital marketing agency based in Turkey, as well as an avid Proscape user. I agree with Camilo’s comment – Proscape is a quick, simple, and cost effective solution for building custom apps.

    Furthermore, Proscape offers the most advanced analytics capabilities out of any platform that I’ve tried. In fact, my clients specifically ask that I create apps using Proscape so they can leverage the detailed insights that their apps provide.



  3. Don’t for get us-Selective-Apps! If you don’t have time to build it yourself then we can build it for you- quickly, easily and affordably!

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