Driving revenue  is what makes  the biggest difference for any business. Revenue is the oxygen that sustains a business, without it every business either relies on founder’s personal savings or funding from investors to keep the business running.

Some businesses have shutdown because they run out of funds to keep themselves in business. You are either generating money now or working towards generating money in the future unless you are a non-profit organization.

A lot of people think of Pinterest as a great site  for sharing only images of  women products or fashion collections. Pinterest is the 30th most visited site in the world and 13th most accessed site in the US as of today.

Marketers and sales managers should be taking advantage of the opportunities Pinterest presents and create relevant content for the millions of users who use the site everyday.

Pinterest is being used right now to drive real revenue for a lot of eCommerce sites and businesses.  Here is how you can also drive relevant traffic to your business.

1. Link your pictures directly to your commerce site

Sign up for Pinterest today and start creating relevant boards with suitable names users can identify with.  Start posting suitable pictures users will most likely find relevant, informative and educative.

2. Here is how Etsy is using Pinterest

Etsy is an e-commerce website where users buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies. The company has created  thousands of boards and has over 200,000 followers.

Etsy pins images of its items on the website on Pinterest and link back to the single page of the product where users can buy the item directly. Etsy images are just  a couple of clicks away from a purchase, and that’s what makes Pinterest very compelling for eCommerce sites. Start pinning pins and creating boards today.


You need to make time for Pinterest so generate the kind of traffic Etsy is currently getting from Pinterest. If Etsy has created thousnads of boards to promote it;s products, image how many images the company shares on daily basis. You don’t have to share the same number of images, but be consistent with your daily pins.

3. Don’t just pin good images, but the best

The secret to Pinterest is to pin images worth pinning (and re-pinning and re-pinning). It doesn’t get any simpler than that. eCommerce sites with the best images of products should be sharing them on Pinterest.

4. Add relevant information

Write a great description of images you share  to let readers know how they can use your product and possibly how they stand to benefit from them. You can also add the price of the product from your website.

For promotion purposes, you can let users know if the product is a limited edition and add a call to action asking users to check the item out  or buy it.

5. Be Consistent

Pinterest users are more likely to check out your boards if you remain consistent and keep sharing your some of the great images relevant to your business.

You can create  a daily pin to promote your brand everyday.  The daily pins can usually lead to repeat visitors or  re-pins by other Pinterest users. User will come back often looking for the new ones and always remember to link back your site.

6. Don’t just pin your product images

Don’t just post images of your own products, but share relevant and interesting images, tips, and products from other brands your followers will find useful.

Users can easily spot boards  that only posts product photos from your company. Look for great products beyond your own offering and pins them to your boards.

If you have been using Pinterest brand pages to promote your business, tell us how it has benefited your business in the comment box below.

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