It’s about time you met some of your LinkedIn connections for a short business meeting. In your daily business travels across the world, you could actually be crossing  paths with potentially valuable business contacts without knowing it.

Here on Biz mobile app wants to change that and make it easy to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a LinkedIn business contact around you.

Here On Biz wants to ensure that professionals never miss another business opportunity. The app travels with you and makes the most of your time, automatically connecting you with nearby opportunities that matter.

With Here on Biz, you can instantly see which of your LinkedIn contacts (as well as other LinkedIn users) are physically nearby, segmented into visitors and locals.

The app never actually reveals a precise address or venue of your business connection but only  disclose the neighborhood or suburb.

You can request a connection and you can chat directly via the app, ideally setting up the kind of in-person encounter that gets results. Here on Biz proves especially useful at conferences when trying to make sense of a sea of new faces and maximize meeting time.

How Here on Biz works:

1. Login with your LinkedIn username and password.

2.  Invite your business network to use the Here On Biz app.

3. When you are in close proximity to those that you might know (or those that are already in your network), you get a push notification to let you know who else is in your same area.The other party receives the same push notification.

4. You can then start chatting securely, in real-time, just like text messaging to set up a short meeting to meet your connection.

5. You can also  browse outside of your network and connect with new business professionals of interest.

The app  also offers the ability to toggle between a smaller or larger radius for your geo-location.  The app allows users to publish their  checkins directly to LinkedIn, potentially increasing serendipity.

Based on these checkins, searches for surrounding professionals are batched into three categories: local professionals, visiting professionals, and event attendees.

Here on Biz  is currently available for only iPhone users.