Do your employees come to work every day with defeated looks on their faces and tears running down their cheeks? That might be an exaggeration, but if you have unhappy employees, your business is in danger of folding and you need to look closer!

Employees who are unhappy at work are less productive and more likely to quit than those who enjoy their jobs, according to BusinessWeek. Do something to make them happy and you’ll have a stronger business and more loyal employees as a result.

One such strategy is to bring in a media personality to speak with your employees. This goes a long way towards motivating them to do their best, especially if the personality that you hire is well known throughout the country. It is actually surprisingly easy to book these people to visit your office, as many do guest speaking arrangements on a regular basis and will be happy to help you boost employee morale. By booking a guest speaker, you can show your staff that you care, and that in turn can encourage them to give it their all each and every day.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to do it either. You can boost employee morale and keep yourself in business by implementing some of these four inexpensive and very effective techniques.

1. Allow Employees to Work from Home Every Now and Then

It can be tough to be stuck in the same office day after day. Fortunately, many jobs can easily be done remotely. Giving your employees a work-from-home day once every other week can be a huge morale booster.

Working from home gives employees a change of scenery, a chance to relax, run errands, and spend time with their kids or pets, all while working at their own pace throughout the day.

You can do this for everyone on the same days each week or on a rotating schedule, depending on your company’s needs.


A recent Cisco Systems study revealed that employees who are allowed to use their own mobile devices for both work and personal use have a higher level of satisfaction and greater productivity than those who are forced to use a company-issued device.

That’s a big reason why so many companies are starting ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) programs. It can actually save you money, since you only have to pay employees a stipend for their work use on their device without being required to purchase a device for everyone.

All you need is a mobile device management (MDM) program, such as the one offered by Blackberry, in place and you’re good to go.

3. Music in the Office

You would be surprised at how much music can improve employee morale. This isn’t just elevator music, either (no one likes that). Have you ever noticed how happy the dentists and dental assistants seem in offices where rock, adult contemporary or country music is piped into every room? That’s because music makes people happy.

Your business will be a much more cheerful place if you add it. You can use a radio and let employees take turns choosing the station. You can also let employees bring their own CDs to play for the office, or even let them each listen to what they like best by allowing them to listen to Pandora or Spotify and work with their ear buds in. If you do play music for the whole office, just make sure it’s not so loud it’s distracting.

4. Themed Holiday Activities

Nothing spells fun like holiday revelry. Shake things up and give employees a creative outlet they will enjoy by celebrating in your office. Let employees dress up in costumes for Halloween.

Have an autumn-themed Thanksgiving lunch at the office. Go crazy with Christmas or general winter holiday decorating. Have cubicle decorating contests for the 4th of July.

Let them wear bunny ears and exchange baskets on Easter. Anything you can do to make holidays noticeably different times in your office will boost employee morale by giving them a reason to be cheerful.

What are the most inexpensive ways your business motivate employees to perform better?


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