Any business – big or small – thrives only when it is marketed properly. Marketing is the key to making people understand the brand value of any company and, hence, plays a very acute role in the success of a business. Over the years, marketing strategies have constantly changed.

The changing face of advertising

Right from advertising banners through television advertisements to online promotion, marketing has attained several forms and dimensions. With growing technology, companies have to constantly re-examine their marketing strategies on a constant basis to improve the overall reach and recognition of the brand.

Marketing is getting personal

One such technological change that has given rise to an extremely powerful marketing strategy is mobile phones. The power of SMS has enabled several companies to promote their products and services through a much more personalised medium.

The ability to send messages directly addressing each and every client or customer has given companies a great advantage to get their products and services across clearly and confidently.

So, how exactly does this SMS marketing work?

It is quite simple. Companies send short text messages to target audience through their mobile phones or exclusive software designed for the same on computers.

The biggest advantage of this type of marketing is that the message – i.e. the content to be marketed – reaches the customer, directly bringing out a response that is most likely a positive one from the recipient.

Benefits of SMS marketing

While the above said benefit should be reason enough for a company to get going with this marketing strategy, there are a few more benefits that can help companies realise the real potential of the same.

1. High Conversion Rates

One main reason why companies must take up SMS marketing is the high conversion rate. Compared to other marketing strategies, this particular method has brought about a greater number of responses.

Messages are limited to 160 characteristics, hence the need to communicate the most important message with a call to action that will be most likely effective.

Unlike e-mail marketing where only a particular amount of mails get read, messages sent to a mobile is always read or opened by a customer who sees his or her phone ringing.

Direct marketing vis SMS are more likely be opened than emails, conversion is higher and return on investment is can be higher than email marketing.

2. Instant Delivery

An SMS is by far one of the fastest modes of sending across any message, apart from e-mail. With SMS, one can send thousands of messages to customers in a jiffy and be assured of the fact that the delivery will happen almost instantly. The only time involved is for the mobile carriers and SMS service centres to put the message across on the network, which takes not more than 10 seconds.

3. Flexibility

One great thing about SMS marketing is that the target audience can vary based on the requirement. The content of the message and the number & type of audience involved can be changed according to the need of the hour. This flexibility in the marketing programme makes bulk SMS promotion a highly preferred method.

4. Reliability

One of the key benefits of sending an SMS is being assured of the fact that it will reach the customer. Though there are chances of a delay, there is utmost surety that the message will reach the customer, provided the mobile number being entered is valid.

Plus, there is zero chances of the messages being marked as spam or getting filtered, thereby offering direction connection with the customer base targeted.

Have you tried SMS marketing in your business in the past? Do you intend to try SMS marketing in the future?  Share you comments and experiences with us in the comment box below.

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