Keeping up with all the new and great apps can be a daunting task and most people hardly make it a habit to look for new useful apps they can consistently use.  Some of these useful apps are a collection of the most amazing apps that hit the scene this year and made a great first impression.

These apps are mostly consumer iPhone and Android apps you can try. Here are handpicked Android and iPhone apps that warrant your immediate attention.

1.  Depop — A mobile marketplace for your stuff.

2.  iOS 7 Launcher—gives your Android device the look and feel of iOS 7.

3.  JumpCam — Create collaborative videos with up to 30 different people.

4.  Dragon Academy—Dragon-themed puzzle game similar to Bejeweled or Candy Crush.

5.  Net-a-Porter —A new way to discover and shop for products.

6.  Oyster— The Netflix for books.

7.  Nextdoor —The private social network for  your neighborhood.

8.  ManageFlitter —provides analytics based on your Twitter activity.

9.  Read Quick—-An iOS app that helps you race through your reading list.

10. FindIt—Search your phone for content according to person, time or type.

11.  Walk Up–An alarm clock that’s impossible to ignore.

12.  Dollarbird —-Simplifies the process of tracking what you spend.

13.  TinderOne of  the fastest-growing free dating apps

14.  FavStar—Discover new tweets and track your tweet’s success.

15.  IFTTT–Put the internet to work for you.

16.  Google Field Trip–Your guide to the cool and hidden places around you.

17.  Foresee — A new weather app that looks into the future.

18.  Repix– Customize your snapshots by “painting” on them using preset brushes.

19.  Evernote Food—Manage recipes you love.

20.  Human— Go outside and track all your walks and runs automatically.

21.  Here On Biz—Meet your LinkedIn contacts in real life.

22. MightyText–Send and receive your text messages from your laptop.

23. Kicksend—Send large batches of photos privately.

Tell us about your favorite new apps you have downloaded recently in the comment box below.

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