I have literally seen the evolution of newer technological systems every year. This has made everything much easier to do as compared to the past. When you compare the supercomputers that were used in the early 70’s to the ones that we use now, you will be amazed.

One of the newest technological developments is the iPad Point-of-Sale (POS) which runs the electronic point if sale (EPOS) software on your iPad tablet. I personally got attracted to the iPad POS due to the coolness and hipness it represented.

Well, let us look at some of the desirable features you get with this application.

1. Reduced Workload

The traditional POS systems require you to sit in front of a computer and manually schedule employee hours and track time cards. You also have to compile several reports by hand, track sales, run inventory checks, handle reservations, and many other tasks important to the business operation.

With the new system, everything is automated. All you need to do is push a button and all your reports will be generated. You can even schedule all the tasks to run at a specific time.

2. Easy to Learn Visual Interface

Previous POS systems require you to train your staff on the use of the software. Most of the time, the software was a bit confusing which means that more hours have to be spent on training your staff members on how the systems work. This takes a lot of your efforts and time, as well as resources vital to your business.

On the contrary, this system running on the iPad makes the whole process easier, faster and more fun to learn. Your staff members will learn the features faster due to the intuition of the interface. The training time for staff members will be much shorter, meaning the system will be in place in a very short time.

3. A Large Number of Functions

There is no use of having software that will fall short of your expectations. Well, the POS system running on the iPad comes with several functions that will most definitely make your business a success. Some of the notable functions include:
• Hosting and table management
• Real-time reservation system
• Modify or change orders arrive
• Remote cloud access
• Batch processing with high encryption
• Accepts multiple secure methods of payments
• Multiple sales points
• Automated management of inventory
• Integration with other applications such as digital menus
• No requirement for third-party add-ons
• Ability to work offline when your ISP is down
• Low upfront cost especially regarding hardware
• One button generation of financial reports

The iPad POS software makes everything portable and very convenient. When all your sales staff have this system with them, they can effectively boost your sales strategy in the best way.

The sales person can be able to make transactions from the spot that the customer is standing without the need for them to go to the cash register to make the purchases.

If there is a long line at the POS, you can make everything faster for your clients. The iPad POS can also help your sales person suggest alternative products for your customers based on what others have experienced.

This article was contributed  by Lance Tagnley.

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