To create a great design, you need talent, skills and design knowledge but Studio wants to make it simple and easy to design and share great images in the palm of your hand.

Most people wish they could create designs for communicating their ideas without advanced knowledge about using design tools. And  if you’re not a professional designer you probably don’t have time to learn a whole new set of skills just to communicate.

Having  a design software alone doesn’t make it easy to produce great designs, you need design skills but Studio provides simple tools that allow you to create beautiful layered designs even if you are not a trained designer.

Why is Studio a big deal? In one month on the App Store, Studio recorded 1 million downloads with over 1.3 million designs published and 1.9 million social shares generated. Now that’s competition for Photoshop.

Studio lets you lay designs, text, borders, etc. onto photos and share them to various websites. And you can remix other people’s designs by swapping out the base photo with one of your own, and then re-share the design. Studio has stripped away many of the complicated features you’d find in professional design software.

Here is why Joe Wilson (founder of Studio) and his Studio crew created the app:

“Everyone’s a photographer because it’s easy to take photos with modern technology. That’s a visual medium, just like design. So why isn’t everyone a designer? Creating designs can be hard.

It requires more tools, talent & time than most other forms of communication. Sure, you can buy Photoshop, but does that make you a designer? You’ve got a tool, but does that give you the talent or time? If you’re not a professional designer you probably don’t have time to learn a whole new set of skills just to communicate.

Then there’s the scary part… you might just not have a good eye for design. I’ve been thinking about these barriers for a long time. I’ve seen friends and family make attempts at producing meaningful design throughout the years. There is a drive inside people that I’ve seen again and again.  

We all want to be designers in some way. This is why we’ve created Studio, the first social design platform for the masses.

Features you should expect when you download Studio

1. – ‘Remix’ any design from any designer!

2.  – Over 500 free shapes, crops and fonts

3.  – Photo filters and controls

4.  – Scale, position & color any design element

5.  – Easy export to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

6.  – Search the Studio community for inspiration

7. – Connect with friends and see their designs

The app currently available for the iPhone only.

Try Studio and let us know what you think!

Image courtesy Studio


  1. I tested it, I didn’t like it. Uninstalled it already.

    It has nothing to do with Instagram, nor with design, or being a designer.

    The first thing I hated, it automatically made me follow my friends and a bunch of creators i don’t know, it didn’t let me choose which friend I would like to follow.

    Second, there is no design nor art, all you see in the timeline or recent uploads is a bunch of quotes with some landscape at the background. Everything looks the same, there is no originality. Open instagram and explore, what you see is friends, food, cars, sports, art, short fun videos, etc; each element can be taken as something unique, because pictures are taken by users, they don’t take a landscape from somewhere.

    Could be useful sometime when you need to make a special pic with your friend, but not as a regular photo album.

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