In today’s challenging business climate, it takes more than an awesome product or service to succeed. You have to catch and hold the attention of current as well as potential customers so they remember your brand and return to you again and again. A strong content marketing strategy is a key part of this continued visibility.

Beyond the blog

If your idea of good content marketing is writing blogs, you’re right–and you’re wrong. Used effectively, blogging can be an extremely effective way to connect with customers and update them on what’s happening with your business, but there are many other creative types of content that will keep your company in the spotlight.

The power of e-books

E-books are a way to provide people with in-depth, helpful information on some topic which relates in some way to your product or service. The key here is offering assistance because you think it will benefit your current and potential customers, not because you want to directly sell them something (although some e-books do take that approach).

How-To guides, press releases and Infographics are additional options for presenting written content in unique formats that can set you apart from your competition. However you do it, written content can create great visibility and customer awareness of your brand.

Make it great

Following some basic rules can help your content to shine and draw people in.

  • Clear, crisp language helps readers get your message even with a quick skim. Skip complicated, technical jargon unless you’re writing for that type of audience.
  • Create clear titles that provide the subject of your content at a glance. Be creative, but not gimmicky. If you’ll post on Twitter and want people to re-tweet, keep the title to ten words or less.
  • Use subheads to break up the text and make it easier to review. Include a keyword in at least one subhead whenever possible to get noticed by search engines.
  • Remember that quality beats quantity when it comes to keywords, so work them in naturally or you’ll risk being tagged as spam.
  • Add social media buttons to your content so people can share with one click.
  • Make it interesting! Use true-to-life examples and create something that people just can’t help but read because it’s funny, helpful or thought-provoking.

Once you’ve published a few pieces using these techniques, check your statistics to see what works and what doesn’t for your specific niche and adjust accordingly.

Tell the world

Once you’ve created great content, you need a strategy for getting out in front of people. Publishing it on your website or blog page is always an option, but posting on social media sites will get you so much more.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ are just a few of the possibilities for spreading your brand far and wide. Remember to be creative and change things up a bit so your content keeps getting grabbed by the search engines as well as forwarded by site visitors.

Content that’s written and promoted effectively can take your company from surviving to thriving in ways you might never have imagined–and faster than you ever thought possible.

Post contributed by Sakshi Sharma. She  works as mobility strategist at SDI and author of this article. She loves blogging and has vast knowledge on Mobile & Web app development. She can be reached at or call on +1.408.802.2885. For more details please visit or follow us on Google Plus to learn more!

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