There are now millions of mobile apps for every mobile device. Every developer or mobile app company is trying really hard to make it to the top and stand out among the millions competing for consumer attention.

Getting to the top of app lists takes creative strategies that can get the most attention. If you are building or have created a mobile app today, some of these mobile app promotion strategies could work for you. You can also check out these 36 tools for building your next mobile app in minutes.

1.Get the name right

A great name could do most of the marketing work for you because it will be easier to share and talk about.  A catchy name is easier to recall and recommend where necessary. An excellent name could yield more successful search results.

2. Get attention before launch

Start creating buzz way before you launch it. Market your app far ahead of launching it. Create teasers with a difference. Find relevant and targeted forums and online groups and make them aware of your upcoming mobile app. Don’t give away too much but give away enough.

3. Start collecting emails!

You should start collecting email addresses the moment you put together your website.  Your early subscribers will be your future early adopters and customers. They should be notified when you finally release your product. Early adopters could spread the message about your new app faster than your marketing team.

4. Don’t spread just any screenshot.

When you are finally ready to start sharing screenshots of your product, make it a great one. It should be compelling enough to make someone want to to actually check out the product.

5. Media kit is a must.

Media kit is probably one of the most things you should not forget to create. Your media kit is a  pre-packaged set of promotional materials including backgrounder with historical information on your startup, fact sheet listing specific features, statistics, or benefits, biographies of key executives, photos, or other images (high resolution) of key executives, logos, products, etc.

Bloggers and app reviewers love media kit because it makes their work easier. Make it easier for somebody to share what your app has to offer.

6. Don’t settle for a good site, make it great.

There are now hundreds of free tools out there to help you put together a great website for your business or single app. You could also hire a developer on Elance, Freelancer or oDesk to make process easier if you don’t have an in-house developer. Make use of good images.

7.  App review still works

There are hundreds of app review sites you can contact to consider reviewing your app. This app review list includes most of the relevant sites you need to submit your app for review.

8. Get social immediately!

The importance of social sites cannot be overemphasized.You can try measured social ads-stick with what works and stop immediately if it’s not working for you. Target people specifically by demographics and interests.

You could also leverage sponsored stories on Facebook when you start blogging. When managed well, social ads with minimal budget could lead to higher returns ( downloads for your app).

9. Start spreading infographics

You create infographics that educate and inform your target audience. Great infographics perform better on Pinterest, and other image focused sites. Pick a topic in your industry and break it down for your audience. Put together facts, data or explain concepts in an easy to digest form.

10. Think video!

Make the most of YouTube. Create short promo or explanatory video of your product. Making an app trailer video can get the word out about what users should expect. And when you finally launch, create a demonstration video and make it available on your site and on YouTube.  Bloggers are more likely to add a video when they are reviewing your app.

11. Measure and track

The most important thing about any marketing campaign is measurement. Measure and track every strategy, stick with what works and concentrate on what is bringing in the downloads. Especially if you begin to spend money on marketing, keep your eyes on the numbers.

12. Get Found!

You don’t want to invisible on search engines. Spend some time on your search engine optimization. Get ranked for some keywords.

13. Just build a great app, people will talk about it.

This is the most important tip before you even think about creating a mobile app. If you build a great app that actually solves a problem, people will download it, bloggers will review it and users will talk about it, now that’s marketing.

What strategies have worked for you in the past? Share your mobile app marketing strategies with us in the comment box below.

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