Attracting the right customers, getting them to buy or sign up to your premium offers is an art. Customers now have so many options and it’s in your best interest to keep them happy when they start buying from you.

Resolving customer complaints early and fast is your best bet at retaining the new age customer. Make the effort towards building customer loyalty and you have customers as long as your business exist. These are some of the best and practical ways to build and deepen customer loyalty.

1. It starts with a happy and satisfied employee.

Employees are the backbone to every successful business.  Make your employees happy and it will translate to your customers. unsatisfied employees likewise translate to your customers and you don’t want an angry person to represent your interest, it always turns out bad. Your reputation is always on the line, protect it.

2. Make a feedback offer.

You could make a feedback offer to your customers at least once per quarter, to make sure everything is working well like you expect, to answer any question, to learn about how they are using your product and what is not working well.

3. Under promise but over deliver.

Most businesses over promise and under deliver, what you want to do is to under promise and over deliver. All that information you share on your website should communicate exactly what you can do.

Prospective customers sign up based on that info, if they get anything less than they expect they will leave sooner than they signed up. Do not promise what you cannot deliver.

4. Reward them for choosing you over your competitors.

There is always something extra you can offer you new customers when they sigh up or refer another client to sign up for your product.

You could put together a free resource package about your industry or open up an extra feature. You can also introduce a customer care program to reward your loyal customers.

5. Do not overextend your resources and get a reputation for poor performance.

There is nothing wrong with keeping a lean startup or deciding to stay small. You can spread growth overtime. Do not rush to grow when you don’t have the resources to support your customers and employers. You are better of as a small business good reputation that grows over time than a growing business that performs poorly.

6. Don’t tell customers what they want to hear but what they need to know.

Tell customers what they need to know about your services, products and what you are good at, they will respect you for that. People are more likely to do business with you if they know what are are signing up for.

7.  Educate your customers.

Don’t just start another business blog, but make sure you are educating and informing your customers on how best to use your product, what to expect in future releases. Provide expert advice on your industry f or your customers.

Teach them the best practices of your industry, share productivity tips and hacks about your niche. Kissmetrics and Hubspot have some of the best business blogs out there about their industries . Show customers a better way to do something.

8. Offer outstanding customer service.

Listen to your customers ATTENTIVELY. Customers always  have something to say, after all they are the ones using your product and they deserve to be heard. Don’t put your customers on hold, you even hate it when another business does it to you. Don’t just contact them when you want to sell them, reach out and be of value.

9. Reward deserving customers.

Simple initiatives like personalized greetings and offers on birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays, special occasions etc. can have a very positive impact on your business. Some customers count on it, make it count.

10. Finally, communicate abundantly.

As a general rule, you can’t over-communicate with your customers. Keep them in the loop about product issues, what to expect, outages, server issues if any, impending feature changes, price increases, etc. Stay in touch and respond to their social feedback on Twitter and Facebook.

What are some of the best strategies to attract and retain loyal customers? Share you opinion with us in the comment box below.


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