Did you ever imagine your long daily commute could be contributing to your stress?  A job closer to your home can significantly reduce your stress level and guess what, you are more likely to be happier and more focused on getting actual work done instead of thinking about how long it will take you to get home past that traffic you so much hate. You can actually increase productivity when you commute in the shortest possible time to work.

Most people spend hours commuting to work in the morning and it get worse at rush hour when you close from work. Some business professionals who work in the city are even forced to stay longer at work just to avoid the traffic. You could be home from work at the right time if you consider other stress-free transport options.

If you are thinking of leaving your present job before the year ends or even considering a new job early next year, why not apply for jobs that are closer to home to save you the hours you spend behind the wheel, on the bus, the subway or underground.

If you can, you could also cycle to work. Some companies are now encouraging their employees to choose cycling by investing in cycle parking facilities and employees can easily shower in the office. Other businesses offer incentives for workers who choose other means of transport to increase productivity at work.

That time spend behind the wheel, on a bus or on the train is a precious time away from your family, friends and work.  Take a step today to arrive at your destination calm, cool and relaxed.

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