Getting a lot of work done everyday or in any given week requires some level of discipline. In a nutshell, set a deadline and live by your deadlines. But it’s easier said than done.

Many are those who have to-do lists, milestones, goals, and deadlines every day but achieve less because of work and online social distractions. There are different levels of distractions everybody faces each day but the right dose of discipline can change how you work. These are a few ways you can get more done everyday.

1. The power of focus

The ability to focus is an important skill that you should master. A focused mind can avoid all the mental clutter. How do you focus in an age of distraction? Take time to reflect and review your daily tasks.

Take a digital freeze if you have to, you can get more than if you rightly focused. You can either focus on what is tearing you apart or what is holding you together.

2. Prioritize – Focus on the big picture.

In as much as you need to keep a closer eye on the details, you should not forget about the long-term reason why do what you have to do on daily basis. If you get too caught up in the details and lose sight of the big picture you will most likely fail. You should be able to shift gears as and when needed.

3. Revisit your to-do list.

Schedule time on your calendar to do the things on your list, and stick to it. Most people are good at organizing tasks in a to-do list, but have trouble actually executing them. You’re not alone.

If you feel resistance to actually get things done, you need to analyze your resistance and find out what is stopping you from doing what needs to be done. Remember why you created a list in the first place, remind yourself of positive outcome if you actually start accomplishing what is on that list.

4. Monitor existing improvement strategies.

What strategies have worked in the past for you? How did you achieve goals yesterday? What is currently working and what is not working? If you start, you’ve already made a big step towards finishing. Stick with what works and do more of what makes you happy and productive. Monitor what you do on a daily basis for about 1 week.

5. Nothing beats good old planning and sticking to a schedule.

If you know what needs to be done today and tomorrow, you are more likely to see it through and get it done. Executing an action plan is easier if you constantly revisit your plan and remind yourself of the deadline. Knowing why you are doing something and how it ties back to your long-range goals is crucial.

What if you write “Get X, Y and Z done today” and stick it where you can constantly see it. If your tasks are too intimidating in size, break them down into tiny chunks and get them done one after the other.

Discipline is the key. Be your own watcher when it comes to keeping track of time spent for each task. Don’t put something off if you can finish it now and get it off of your plate.

6. Recognizing the difference between importance and urgency is crucial.

What is important today may be urgent tomorrow. It’s your job to know what is urgent and needs immediate attention and what is important that can be put off until tomorrow.

When your tasks are separated into important and urgent, you are more likely to give attention to them and get them done as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to have someone take a message, or to answer that e-mail tomorrow, so you can concentrate on your tasks.

7. Plan meetings at the beginning or close of the day!

Meetings in the midst of work periods are distractions. The moments employees are in the flow, everything else is a distraction. Don’t plan too many meetings. Meetings reduce the actual productive time it takes to get work done. Do you really have to organize that meeting? Here is how other successful founders stay stay productive every day.

8. You can also develop a general NOT-TO DO list.

If you can create a to-do list you can equally create a not-to-do list. Your distraction are meant for your not-to-do list. If you know all the activities that are getting you off from work, you can know how to get rid of them and get work done. You could be spending most of your productive time on activities on your not-to-do list.

9. Finally, don’t overload yourself!

People tend to pile too much on themselves for a single day, overestimating how much they can actually do. Get into the habit of choosing only two or three Most Important Tasks to do for the day.

Don’t forget there are productivity apps for getting things done on time, sign up for a great app to get your work done without struggle.

Good time management does not mean living fast. Think, plan and then act. Be selective in planning your activities.

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