If you’ve got an extra $1500 to spend, then Google Glass might just be the perfect item for you, particularly if you like technology. A number of reviews have been trickling in from the various developers and beta users.

While some constructive criticism has been provided, most people are quite excited about Google Glass and the innovations that it’s bringing in technology. But all of these people still hope that this Google Glass technology will result in the first usable and wearable multitasking computer. Here’s some of the things to be watching for.

1. Headaches and Migraines?

Google Glass is designed to be worn all throughout the day. The problem is that the current headgear can sometimes trigger pressures points that lead to headaches and migraines.

Additionally, a constantly running and moving virtual computer screen can create some levels of disorientation and nausea.In most technology product reviews for Google Glass, the discomfort from wearing these glasses tends to come up as a minor issue to a major one, depending on the individual.

PHYS.org describes Google Glass as being an innovative product that needs a lot of polishing, listing the requirement for almost continuous wear as one of the areas that needs modification. Until then, it’s unlikely that a moving virtual screen is something that you will get used to without an adjustment period.

2. Privacy Concerns

Google Glass takes mobile technology to a whole new level. But one of the ongoing challenges with mobile technology is a decreased expectation of privacy as well as an increased risk of hacking.

It’s unclear so far how Google Glass intends to protect projected information. Right now, the concern is that someone coming up behind you could perhaps glance key bits of information from whatever you’re working on.

An encryption feature probably would not work well to avoid this, considering the fact that you have to be able to quickly and easily see all of the content on the virtual screen so you can respond to it.

3. Increased Voice Command Power

One of the exciting aspects of the Google Glass technology is an even more sophisticated voice command program. Current Google Speak programs tend to be somewhat lacking as compared to other voice command programs like Dragon.

However, the Google Glass program has to have a much more powerful system integrated to allow for a convenient and user friendly experience. So far, Google isn’t releasing the specs on this particular component, but it’s got the tech world excited, particularly if it works as well as it’s rumored.

4. Another Approach to No Touch Technology

Forbes lists no touch technology as being one of the most influential technology trends coming up through 2013 to 2014 and beyond. Google Glass is not true no touch technology as some level of touching is required, but the enhanced interface as well as the increased voice command power provides another route to no touch technology.

Oculus Rift 2.0 looks to be at the head of the no touch technology in the gaming industry while the Moto X Motorola has expanded the understanding of efficient no touch technology for smart phones. Google Glass looks to eventually link its program in to a wholly virtual interface, not even relying on voice commands.

Google Glass is referred to as something out a science fiction future. While its official release to the consuming public has been delayed on multiple occasions, it’s drawing close to the end. Developers and beta testers have been drafting reviews and sharing their thoughts on this product.

Even though it will still require a fair amount of work, this is one piece of technology that’s likely to have a significant impact on the future. While you’ll have to watch out for headaches and migraines as you adjust to the product, you can expect to have stronger voice commands and greater options through no touch technology.

Privacy concerns, on the other hand, must still be addressed based on the current device parameters. Though Google has not released an official statement on how it will handle this, it’s likely that it will take some steps as Google has made it clear in numerous interviews that the Google Glass project is one of its most beloved products.