You have dedicated weeks or months developing your new app, but the number of installs it received left much to be desired. What happened? Creating an in-demand or groundbreaking mobile app can seem like a challenge, but it is only half the battle.

Effective app promotion is essential for every successful app launch. With nearly 60,000 apps hitting the market every single week, you need to devote as much energy into the app’s promotion as its development.

Here are some key marketing tactics that you must employ in order to experience a successful launch of your mobile app in today’s competitive app market.

1. Create a User-friendly Website or Landing Page

Traditional SEO Internet marketing tactics apply to mobile apps as well. You should have a website with a dedicated landing page that will provide you with internal and external linking opportunities and the ability to cross-promote other products.

For example, by including a link in the app description to your website as well as linking from the website to the destination of the app within the app store, you will be able to confirm the authenticity of the app and give it a valuable boost in the search engines.

Since the search engine spiders will not be able to tell what the app is about without content, you should include valuable content on the website that describes the app. When doing so, remember to follow traditional SEO practices by using meta tags and specific keywords to achieve high rankings in the search engines.

2. Optimize the App Store Page

Not only should you optimize the app’s page on your website, but you should also optimize the app store page where it resides as well. The description field should include relevant and keyword-rich content about the app that is written for your target audience.

You should choose a title that accurately reflects your brand name and the function of the app. A category should be chosen that best reflects the app.

Finally, in the keyword field, you should include descriptive keywords that are relevant to the app’s function. By following each of these guidelines, the visibility of your app within the app marketplace will be greatly enhanced.

3. Promote Via Social Media

Encouraging user reviews of your app is an extremely powerful marketing tactic that will drastically increase your app installs. Reviews create a strong social endorsement and they appear immediately after the title in every app listing.

For a paid mobile app, it can be given away for free on Facebook to any of your followers or fans. You can also create a YouTube video that acts as a real-life demo of your app. At the end of the video, you can include a call to action urging viewers to download the app.

The app can also be promoted via Twitter and any forums that you may belong to. After garnering positive reviews of your app, you can include them in your mobile app description, which will increase the number of app installs.

4. Pony Up for Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can immediately boost the number of installs your app receives. Of course, as is the case with any form of paid advertising, your mobile app ads should be highly targeted in order to secure a high conversion rate and profit return.

There are many places and ways to advertise an app, but mobile Web ads, in-app ads, desktop Web ads, social media ads, and ad networks are by far the best advertising mediums for mobile apps.

Throughout the marketing process, you must track and analyze which sources are providing you with the most number of installs, all the while continuing to optimize your marketing efforts in order to experience increasingly improved results.

By remembering this and implementing these mobile app marketing strategies, your app can reach the best-seller page in no time at all.

About the author: Kyle Sanders is a co-founder of Complete Web Resources, an Austin-based digital marketing refinery and WordPress design shop.

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