A business can’t grow and profit without clients. Likewise, a business won’t be able to grow and reach more clients to increase profits if there are not enough employees to execute the required efforts. But if you utilize the right marketing strategies, your company will gain both valuable employees and profit-increasing clients.

1. Build your brand’s presence both online and offline

A positive reputation is what you’re ultimately after, but start with establishing your brand’s presence both online and offline. Rely on word-of-mouth, and brochure swaps with other businesses to spread the word about your brand in the local communities. Online, set up a Facebook page and a Twitter profile to increase your social media reach.

You’ll want to have a website even if it’s just a basic landing page that directs visitors to call or visit you directly. And with more job-seekers relying on the internet to find job openings and company contacts, you’ll open yourself up to contact with them, too.

2. Have a Presence Where Your Market Is

Go where your market goes. Is your targeted consumer going to be surfing the web, or will they be watching the local news station? Take the time to research the general interests and preferences of your audience, and make sure you have brand representation that they, and potential employees who have the same interests, won’t miss.

3. Use Your Budget in the Most Efficient and Effective Way

If your budget leaves plenty of wiggle room, or if it is extremely limiting, it’s important that you use the funds you have at your disposal in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

When deciding, for example, between using $1,000 for radio ads or for a combination of postcards and newspaper ads, don’t automatically choose the option that you think will have more reach.

Visit domo.com to find out how to see spending patterns in your consumer base. Choose the advertisement options that will provide you with the most return. Is your audience listening to the radio, or do they put more faith in mail advertisements and newspaper blurbs?

4. Follow Up

Never underestimate the power of making contact with customers after they’ve made a purchase. A simple postcard thanking them for their business, or inviting them to take advantage of a special existing-customers-only promotion can open the door to additional sales.

Always include a business card with any purchased items, and send one along with any mailed correspondence, too. Keeping the lines of communication open will make your customers more likely to be repeat ones, rather than one-time ones.

5. Reward

Loyalty programs, special purchase options for repeat customers, and holiday promotions are all excellent ways to establish yourself as the preferable company to do business with.

Use email newsletters and postcards to promote ongoing money-saving opportunities as well as one-time and seasonal promotions. When a company goes above and beyond on a regular basis, consumers will take notice, and they’ll choose you over your competitor.

Researching your target audience’s interests, and spending habits, doing your own spending wisely, and doing continual outreach and promotion of your company and its products will go a long way in helping you to succeed not just in marketing, but in your business.

Post contributed by Brooke Chaplan.

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