There hundreds if not thousands of TV shows globally that can help millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Some of them now have YouTube channels where you can catch up on all the past episodes and stay updated on new episodes as they are shown weekly. These are 6 TV shows entrepreneurs will find very useful.

1. How I Made My Millions

How I Made My Millions goes behind the curtain to reveal how ordinary people took simple ideas and turned them in extraordinary businesses. Viewers are taking through the the company started, what they did to be successful, how they grew with what they had and most importantly where they are now. If you intend to start a business and want to know the process you will go through to be successful, this show is for you. This series on CNBC.

2. Undercover Boss

The show is about the experiences of senior executives working undercover in their own companies to find out how their employees really work in their businesses and  to identify what can be improved or made better in the business process.

In the end hard working employees who really deserves raise, bonuses and recognition are given what they deserve in the company to keep them happy and satisfied. The executives change their looks and assume and work under a different name to keep their identities from their employees.

Undercover Boss originated in 2009 on the British Channel 4, which can also be found on the bt tv packages for subscribers.

3. The Profit

The Profit is CNBC reality show starring Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis. The show features Marcus Lemonis  going into failing businesses and making it over. It shows the importance of a great leader and team in running a successful business.

Marcus Lemonis invests more than $2 million of his own money over the course of the season into failing businesses in exchange for a percentage of the business and profits.

4. Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue is an American reality series. The series stars Jon Taffer, a bar and nightclub owner who’s owned or flipped 600 bars, consults with bar owners who are struggling with business and employee issues.

Bar owners submit an application via the Spike TV website to have their failing establishment “rescued” by Taffer and his team of experts. The owners are given one last chance to turn their businesses into a profitable enterprise.

5.Dragon’s Den

Dragons’ Den is a BBC series. The show allows entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their brilliant ideas to a panel of five wealthy investors, the “Dragons”. Entrepreneurs start off by asking how much they need from an investor.

The Dragons in the end makes a decision to either invest the same amount requested by the entrepreneur or more for a percentage of the business if they think it’s a viable idea or they simply refuse to invest and wish the entrepreneurs better luck. Entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas. Dragons’ Den series have been produced in numerous different countries.

6. Million Dollar Listing New York

The series follows three real estate agents—Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, and Luis D. Ortiz—as they represent sellers of properties in the five boroughs of New York City. Different episodes will take you through how to negotiate and sell for a good price.

Wannabe sales professionals will find this show very useful. Million Dollar Listing New York is a masterclass in selling and negotiation for entrepreneurs interesting in the art of selling. Million Dollar Listing New York is an American reality television series.

Hope you will find past and present episodes of these shows relevant to your growth as an entrepreneur.  Google your way to the each episode. You can start off on YouTube.


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