No – you didn’t misread the title! Storing your data without a strong backup strategy is like performing a high-wire act without a net. Just one small mistake can lead to disaster. Do you still keep your valuable business data or personal data in digital format?

If so, you need to think about developing a robust backup software plan. There are a number of pitfalls you should be careful to avoid as you build your backup strategy. Here are three common ways to put yourself in danger of serious data loss.


Do You Think of “Backup” As Singular Rather Than Plural

People talk about “making a backup,” but one backup is never enough. A good rule of thumb is to make three copies of all crucial data. Even if two copies go wrong, there is still a third copy of your information that can be restored.

The 3-2-1 rule is always useful: three backups, in two diverse formats, with at least one of them stored off-site, away from your primary business location or your home.

With the help of a reliable backup software and windows server backup provider for PCs, you can insure your data against even the most unexpected events. Always have a Plan B (and a Plan C) just in case Plan A falls through. When you use multiple backup techniques, you will sleep well at night knowing your precious data is safe.

Do You Forget To Back Up Often?

It can be shocking to hear how infrequently some households and small businesses back up their data. If you make a monthly backup, you’re in danger of losing several weeks of work if a crash happens at the wrong moment.

Monthly backups are simply not enough in a fast-paced modern world. Even a weekly or daily backup is not enough for a busy computer user. Can you imagine the inconvenience of losing every bit of work you’ve done in the past 24 hours?

It is important to keep track of your data and back it up on constant basis even setting it on a regular schedule. High-quality backup app can be set to make automatic backups several times an hour with no strain on your existing system.

With automated backup programs, you can go about your everyday work and know that every new piece of data is in safe hands.

Actionable Solutions

Many people make extra copies of their data which may be of little or no use in the event of catastrophic data loss. Some things you may consider “backups” are not backups in any meaningful sense of the word. Have you made an extra copy of the files on your business computers or servers?

If the machine crashes, this copy will likely be lost along with the original. Have you made a copy on an SD card or a hard drive directly attached to your machine? Any existing problems will quite likely be transferred between the two.

Have you created an extra Dropbox or Gmail account that mirrors your existing account? If one account is compromised, the other may be as well.If you plan to build a serious backup strategy especially for data intensive businesses, you need to use robust storage solutions and professional backup applications to ensure that your data is truly safe without compromise. A few minutes of planning now can preserve you from disasters in the future.