For every business of any size in any industry, communication is key to operation. Connecting with colleagues, affiliates, speaking to current customers and clients and also communicating with prospective clients are simple but important ways to stay in touch with business stakeholders.

A fair amount of this will be done face to face, a lot via email and a large amount over the telephone. Business over the phone has remained one of the most effective ways of communicating as it falls in-between face to face and email communication, making it personal but very easy and quick as well.

It is beneficial to any business that has employees talking on the phone everyday to be able to know details about each phone call, as well as be able to review recordings of them, and this is for various reasons. Customer service and sales teams are almost all the time communicating on the phone with customers and prospective ones.

It s crucial to train new employees and play them different scenarios that could happen when they are selling the business to others on the phone.

You can assess their KPI (key performance indicator), you can see where your staff performs well and where they can improve and you can optimize your staff and and their productivity levels and most importantly what you can do to assist them to perform better.

–The Importance of Communication Apps

Call logging and recording apps can really improve on the daily running of any business that relies on communication through the telephone.

Most logging apps will tell you incoming, outgoing and lost calls, you can also see real time statistics, create automatic reports and have a leader board, which is great for keeping staff to focused on the business whilst communication data is stored for review when necessary.

Most sales centers are required to verify orders. Technical support centers of huge technology companies may review support discussions and communications between support teams and customers to know who is solving problems effectively and what practices others can replicate to improve the general customer service experience.

–How You Can Help Your Customer Service and Sales Teams

Customer communication and sales team calls can help you identify areas that they can be improved. It is ideal for training situations, you can solve disputes and protect yourself with recordings as evidence and more.

Most phone logging and recording softwares including Lanonyx are easy to implement and use. Considering their importance to customer support, logging software companies make them robust and insightful as possible for any company that conducts business over the phone.

–How Phone Logging Apps Are Being Used

Call logging has been most effective in legal and liability matters, for compliance standards and to resolve disputes. In recent times, giant telecommunication companies are using logging apps in sales and customer service departments for security and liability reasons.

–Customer support centers!

An increasing number of call centers now integrate some of the best call logging apps for training purposes and security reasons. Data gathered are assessed to analyze the quality of the interactions between agents and callers. Average handling time can significantly be improved to increase productivity.

Invest in your customer support team to improve your company’s reputation and general performance.

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