Most businesses with the aim of going paperless still have a lot of work to do to achieve that goal. Going paperless has its pros and cons but the long term benefits could be rewarding. Notwithstanding how difficult it may be to achieve an almost paperless office, some business are getting closer to realizing that vision.

Emerging technologies are making it increasingly easy for businesses to decrease their environmental footprints. Going paperless could save you money and the time it takes looking for documents in offices.

If you are planning to go paperless in 2014, these apps will be most useful for your business. These awesome apps can help you remove the need for “paper” from paperwork.

1. File storage, sharing and management

Google Docs is free service run through Gmail, you can work simultaneously with colleagues on a document or spreadsheet.

Dropbox is another free file transfer system.

Microsoft Office 365 offers interactive document editing features.

Hightail is also a great secure file sharing app for professionals.

Nitro offers easy PDF editing.

2. Invoicing, billing and statements

Square accepts payments through your smartphone. You can also email receipts for customers instead of printing them.

ZenPayroll offers one of the easiest ways to pay your employees.

BambooHR lets you transition from tracking employee information in spreadsheets to managing it.

DWOLLA is one of the best ways to move money.

Expensify promises you expense reports that don’t suck!

–Lemon could be your digital wallet.  automates your payables, receivables and cash flow.

Xero: Payroll, fixed assets, expense claims, budgets, complete financial reporting.

3. Scanning and faxing

TurboScan  allows you to use your camera as a scanner and quickly converts captured images to PDFs for easy emailing. puts your incoming faxes right into your email box as paperless emails.

Shoeboxed is a cloud-based receipt scanning app.

Hellofax lets you send & receive faxes from anywhere.

4. Meetings and team collaboration

— Basecamp is an app for document collaboration and sharing.

Hello Sign lets you can share templates and signed documents with your team

Eventbrite makes it easy to organize a business event.

Asana puts conversations & tasks together.

Every step your business takes towards a paperless environment will save you time, money, storage space and the clutter of paper.


  1. Hi Thomas, great article, though I think MinuteApp wouldn’t have been misplaced in the meeting and team collaboration section. Its main feature is real-time collaboration. (seeing each other typing notes for example)

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