A good business image can be the difference between the success and failure of a company. Customers will usually see the image of a brand before they try the product.  So it terms of marketing a product that can leave a positive impression among consumers, branding is critical.

1. Make a strong first impression

The statement that first impressions go along way is never truer than it is in the world of branding. Simply put, it sets the tone for everything that comes after that point.

A person’s view of a brand is often not completely based on the product itself, and quite often, people are swayed by what the product represents and how it makes them feel.

Once a bad image is set, it’s very difficult to replace it with a good one or take it back. As humans, we are incredibly stubborn in our nature, and we don’t like to be wrong.

In what is called the Halo effect, we tend to support our first impression over any negatives that come our way. Build a positive reputation right from the beginning of your company and do well to protect that reputation as long as you stay in business.

2. Emotionally connect with customers

Branding is equally powerful and critical as selling. Imagery can have a tremendous effect on customers’ buying habits. This is why a customer’s first impression of a brand is important, because this sets the tone for their relationship with the brand.

The key is to connect with prospective customers the moment they set eyes on considering your product or services. A great idea is to analyze the market, and then tailor your design to the target audience. The image of a brand should promise something to the customer that can be delivered.

In your effort to create a good impression, don’t over promise and under deliver, it is better to under promise and over deliver.

Provide an image they want to see and be consistent. Once the tone is set customers like familiarity. So keep the image and strapline constantly alike going forward.

3. Appear larger than life

Businesses need to separate themselves from the rest, and this can be done with distinctive brand designs that give off vibes that are synonymous with the industry success.

Start working on building a great company with a unique culture right from the beginning and your actions and interactions with prospective clients and existing should be worthy of referral.

For instance, a men’s deodorant design might want to be bold and brash with colors that epitomize strength. Naturally, consumers are likely to choose companies they think have experience with a touch of quality.

That doesn’t mean that they go searching for every quality product with a great brand. It just means brand image that looks professional will be judged favorably over an unprofessional look. “Establish yourself as a reputable name in your industry, commented a spokesperson from Print & Display.

Remember, consumers also want to identify with great brands in their choice of products everyday. Think Apple and how dedicated fans line up for new products every year. It didn’t just happen, Apple worked on it over time and now it’s paying off.

4. Your branding message should be consistent

Skip all the long marketing messages, focus on telling a consistent and simple message users or consumers can identify with. There are now too many options for the regular consumer, you have no choice but to skip the long and complicated messages.

Start telling consistent marketing stories that can possibly pitch your product as a great choice for your target market and stick with it. Deliver on what you promise in your marketing messages on all platforms.

5. Turn your customer’s experience around

 A great customer experience supersedes all the marketing you could ever do. An awesome customer service is more valuable than spending so much money trying to get to a new customer. Your satisfied customers can start telling your story for you.

Create dedicated fans by delivering the best customer experience you personally would wish for. If something goes wrong, go above the ordinary to fix it and make your customer feel special and he or she will go brag about it to a friend, now that’s marketing.

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