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1. The Brilliance of Failure, In the Words of a Self-Made Billionaire

Michael Rubin became friends with the lady who served his debt collection notices when he was in high school. That’s because by the time he was 16, Rubin was $200,000 in..read more

2.  How This Entrepreneur Went From Internet Illiterate To E-Commerce Billionaire

By the time he was 16, Michael Rubin was more than $200,000 in debt with his discount ski-equipment business. Although his parents wanted him to go to college, Rubin dropped..read more

3. What Nelson Mandela Showed is Possible Within Each Of Us

Nelson Mandela was a singular figure on the global stage — a man of quiet dignity and towering achievement, a giant for justice and a down-to-earth human inspiration..read more

4. My Biggest Mistake: Launching a Tech Company Without a Technical Co-Founder

My entrepreneurial journey started with a text from my co-founder. It read, “I have THE idea that will make us rich.” He was wrong, of course. Mostly. I had just turned on my cell phone for the first time..read more

5. Lessons learned from selling physical products online

A year ago I launched Peel. It was my first foray into making and selling physical products. A year on, this is what I’ve learned and how things are going. The idea for Peel was very simple. Most iPhone cases ruin..read more

6. Build To Attract: How Your Startup Can Attract The Right Investor

Venture capitalists and angel investors are committed to investing in some of the best startups on the planet.They invest in startups based on a rigorous process that separate the great from the good..read more

7. How Twitter’s CEO closes deals

Dick Costolo launched his first companies in Chicago, where just like every new founder he had to do the long hard slog of raising money. Almost two decades later came the roadshow to take Twitter public..read more

8.  Ask A VC: Redpoint’s Geoff Yang On What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur

In this week’s Ask A VC episode, Redpoint partner Geoff Yang joined us in the studio to talk about entrepreneurship, international investing and much more. Yang, who has backed a number of tech giants and..read more

9. The most valuable lessons I learned from managing a virtual team

“I can’t work effectively at home.” “Decisions are made in person.” “I feel isolated without an office.” These three statements are completely debunked in this slideshare. Traditional office working is losing..read more

10.How to Turn a Good Career into a Great Career

Along with family and friends, our working life is one of the most important things in most of our lives. As well as needing to pay the bills, the reality is we probably spend far more of our time with our work..read more