If you have recently started up your own business, then trying to keep on top of everything involved with running the business and staying organized can take a little while to get your head around, no matter how much of an organized person you are.

However, it you are taking a little longer to find your feet, then worry not, because there are some little tips and tricks that you can use to make things easier.

1. Set clear and achievable goals

What you want to achieve as a business should be clear and obvious to you and your employees. Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. Without goals you will lack focus and direction. Every member of your team should set goals in the direction of your overall vision and mission as a company.

2. Make the most of productivity apps

There are now hundreds if not thousands of productivity apps that ca help you accomplish tasks easily and effectively. Every industry now has specific apps to make work easier.

Beauticians and Spa managers now use the Phorest app for their appointment calendar, client cards and to make sales. Whatever your needs, there will always be an app to help you get organized at work.

Do your research to see if there is anything out there on the market that could help you run your kind of business. If there isn’t, could you develop something as part of, or alongside your other business model?

If you can start solving your own problems by creating an app for yourself, other businesses may need it too. 37Signals developed their productivity apps for internal use but later were rolled out to the public. If you can’t find what you want, build it.

Productivity apps have proven to be invaluable tools to help businesses grow, find the one that perfectly suits you and works for your employees and can double your level of growth.

3. Make lists

Making lists can be a useful way of mapping out the things that you need to do. Why not stick one by your desk or wherever you work to help you stay on track throughout your day.

Start the week with a to-do list and sign them off as they get accomplished. You can easily track your level of productivity in every week with a list of tasks that needs to be done.

4. Create a filing system…and stick to it!

Before you start doing any of your paperwork, create a filing system-hardy cover of digital, which ever works for you. If you use Dropbox or Google Drive, create a folder structure that can easily be traced. Files should be put in specific folders for easy reference when the need arises.

Try and make sure you stick to it and don’t get tempted to ‘sort it all out later’.

While this can be easier when you’re busy it can make it harder to find things in a rush. Take time once a week or fortnight to go through all the things you’ve left lying around on your desk and put them away to keep things in check.

When you run a business, being organized can be a key part of how successful you are overall, so take the time to plan. Know your strengths and play on to them and know the areas that you need to develop.

Although you may seem to have to put a lot of time and effort into getting these systems set up, it may help you save time later on as your business starts to grow.

5. Review your progress

In as much as you want to get work done as soon as possible, it’s important to take time and measure your progress on weekly basis.  Could you have more in a week? Were you able to achieve your weekly goals? What could have been done better and how do you intend to work better in the coming week?

6. Finally stay focused!

Concentrate on getting what needs to be done in a day done and work on doing just that. You will be motivated for work tomorrow if you are able to accomplish what you set out to do today. Break down tasks and focus on critical tasks that need to be done as soon as possible.

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