Underrated College degrees aren’t always the most reliable way to determine someone’s future salary, but is it actually true that some colleges actually produce the most multi-millionaires on average?

The newest reliable survey by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) may have provided us with an answer particularly useful for high school grads of 2013, considering a University degree.

This survey revealed that engineering degrees actually produce most multi-millionaires, which is closely followed by economics, MBA and law degrees.

The survey was done in the way that around 70,000 people all around the globe who’s assets are worth over $1 million were carefully assessed to reveal which degrees give you the biggest chances to become a millionaire.

Somehow predictably, business degrees have once again fully dominated this list. This of course isn’t a surprise to anyone, since most of the multi-millionaires are in fact entrepreneurs with majority of them having the business college degree.

Unsurprisingly, the colleges that produce most of the millionaires throughout the years are Harvard and Stanford University. Notable examples include the founder of Facebook or Microsoft or countless other top start-ups that later proved to grow into world leading businesses.

Other ones that are in top 5 are Columbia University, University of Oxford and University of California. Also, this survey covered the biggest starting salaries by average, and the clear winner were college grads from petroleum engineering which have the average starting salary of over $96,150.

They are followed by computer engineering with $70,200 and chemical engineering which has average starting salary of $66,850.
Chemical engineering is quickly followed by computer science, which have average starting salary of $64,000, and year by year this number is increasing.

Computer science degrees, such as computer courses in London have never been so popular like today, and they are steadily increasing their popularity every year since computers and Internet are becoming the #1 popular media in the world.

It can be safely said that computing entrepreneurship could become one of the highest paying college degrees in a few years.

The NACE survey also shed light on college diplomas with highest average pay. Leading US educators are Carnegie Mellon, whose Computer Science school graduates earn an average salary of $84,800.

Closely following is Stamford University, whose Engineering grads earn a salary of $74,700 and NYU, Nursing College with average pay of approximately $70,220.

These survey results have also dispelled the myth about college dropouts, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, which said that bigger percentage of them actually come to millionaire status, which has proven to be false.

Only around 1% of the millionaires in the world didn’t obtain any degree, which means that other 99% of the millionaires had formal education contributing somewhat to their success.