Business call answering services are becoming increasingly popular across a number of industry sectors, including sales, trades, and with help desk specific firms. The advantages of investing in such a service are numerous, and companies determined to make a success of 2014 should strongly consider whether a business call answering service could help boost profits and increase efficiency.

When choosing a professional answering service, it’s important to select a firm that offers a very high standard of customer service, to ensure that clients are being properly assisted with their enquiries.

–Product Information and Customer Questions

A business call answering service will continually man your phones, using a live operator. This is essential for businesses that sell a lot of different products, as the answering service will have access to product information and will be able to answer questions from clients and potential customers.

On average, people much prefer to speak to a real person than an automated system and this will enhance the ‘human element’ of your business. Unhappy customers are unlikely to be satisfied by a robotic voice, whereas their queries can be more easily resolved by a real person with the relevant information at their fingertips.

With a business call answering service, you can rest assured that client enquiries are being handled in a professional manner and according to your specific instructions. You can focus on your core business whilst a call answering service takes care of your customer service.

Rigorous checks must be done to select the very best to handle your customers, you don’t want people who don’t understand your business to handle customer service in a bad way that could ruin your reputation.

–Professional Image

Answering services can really enhance the professional image of your business, because they allow customers to speak to someone who will give their full attention to the questions of the client. If your staff are trying to fulfil too many roles, they may sound distracted when a client calls, or be in meetings and therefore unable to answer the phone.

Your customers need to know that their enquires are valued, and a business call answering service is a great way to achieve this, while simultaneously presenting a polished exterior. Build and protect your business image by focusing on serving your customers well and they will stay with you as long as possible.

–Increased Efficiency

The importance of fielding telephone calls cannot be underestimated, but it can also take time away from other profitable tasks. If your business is relatively young, you may be fulfilling a number of different roles and an answering service could really help alleviate some the administrative burden.

A 24 hour business call answering service like Phoenix 24-7  will allow you to devote your attention to other essential tasks, while ensuring that your customers are in safe hands.

Build a great business today with the right resources and the crucial external help that can help you grow and success faster. Invest in resources that will help you increase your customer base and build a reputation your customers can talk about.

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