Apple’s iPad had been used in so many different ways since it’s introduction to the tablet market. Most iPad users are generally using the device to take notes, browse the web, watch videos, play games and read books.

Business professionals use the iPad for work related tasks like checking and replying emails, collaborating on projects via Dropbox or other file sharing apps. But the iPad can do a lot more unusual things you may not have thought of when it was first introduced.

To make it even more attractive for users, Apple recently released an iPad promotion video that shows the many different ways people are using the iPad in their daily lives.

Most of what was shown in the video are no ordinary; man on a giant wind turbine working with his iPad, liver surgeons getting a closer look at a detailed 3D surgical data in the operating room etc.  The iPad continues to transform business, education, entertainment, health, and many other industries that  are exploring how best to put tablets to work.

The iPad-as-kiosk era is helping business turn Apple’s tablet into a business device that can increase sales and improve the business process. iPad Kiosk from businesses like Lilitab are transforming how eCommerce businesses use point-of-sale applications on the iPad. iPad Kiosks are now being mounted in shops for consumers to place their orders.

iPads kiosks have been spotted in some airport waiting areas for tracking flights. Some restaurants now want to cut costs and are introducing iPad kiosks for ordering food or paying for purchased items.

Cash register is perhaps one of the popular ways retailers are using the iPad to run businesses. Sales representatives can easily clock in daily sales and calculate weekly transactions with ease.

Some police officers now find it easier to use the iPad to access background information of suspects and subsequently take notes, check maps and of course take taking pictures and videos of crime scenes.

The iPad has also be spotted as a substitute for paper. This video shows an iPad connected to a real typewriter, and used instead of the old fashioned piece of paper. Each letter typed on the typewriter is transmitted onto the iPad. Now that’s unusual.

The iPad has also been known to have cut down the time doctors and nurses waste moving from patient rooms record rooms to access patient data.

Most hospitals are accessing the significance of the iPad in the various departments of the hospital. Health professionals are now spending a lot more time with patients and saving more lives with records of patients on tablets in their palms.

Another video on Youtube shows Parrot AR.Drone, an iPad-controlled aircraft demonstration with over a million views and still counting.

iPads are also being used in Banks, allowing advisors to present information to prospective clients and existing customers instead of the traditional turning of monitors for customers to view and confirm their data.

The iPad is now popular with artists/painters. Simple and advanced apps now make it possible for even famous painters to use tablets to paint images and edit existing ones from anywhere in the world. There are now many different innovative ways to present art in museums and art shows. Some museums are even using iPads to show exhibitions of particular paintings and art.

Estate agents and car manufactures now showcase housing options and automobile respectively to interested customers at their offices and showrooms.

Business professionals now use tablets more than ever. Rather than a stack of heavy company brochures or other printed documents, some businesses are now using iPads with digital company magazines/sales brochures to showcase for audiences at trade shows and business events.

Hundreds of apps now make it possible to take your office with you anywhere you go. You can view, edit and contribute to workflow or collaborate on work with employees at different locations with the ability to achieve significant work without necessarily being in the office.

Hundreds of apps now make it possible to do what seemed impossible in the past and there are even more apps that could change how you do lots of other things in the future.

If you know of other interesting and unusual ways tablets are being used today, you are welcome to share them with us in the comment box below.