Working nine to five – what a way to make a living. Before this article goes any further in infringing a certain country and western singer’s copyright, we’ll get straight into how employee benefits could make your personnel’s duties less of a slog and more enjoyable.

You see, staff engagement is a real concern for firms in the UK and with workers being asked to work more hours than ever, you can see why more and more companies are turning to benefits in order to add remunerative value.

But how exactly can employee benefits improve the daily slog?


Commutes are essentially the worst thing ever. The exhaust fumes, the annoying radio advert jingles, the fuel costs. It’s enough to make anyone consider sacking off a job and just staying at home in a warm, comfy bed.

But before we get side-tracked about the potential cost-benefits of quitting a job to spend time wrapped in a blanket, there are some schemes that could mitigate this issue. Commuters, particularly those in London, Manchester and Birmingham, often face a real struggle to drive into work from the suburbs. So why not encourage them to cycle in?

Cycle to Work schemes allow employees to access tax-free savings on new bicycles, with as much as 20 per cent off normal prices. This is paid for through a salary sacrifice programme, so participants will probably barely even notice the money leaving their account.

Additionally, there are a number of health benefits to cycling to work and people who use this method of commuting are substantially less likely to take time off sick than those who travel by car or motorbike.

–Internal social networks

Internal social networks have become something of a trend on employee benefit platforms of late and this has led workers to share news, information and bulletins with each other.

One such example of this is You at Work, which has a service called ‘Grapevine’ – allowing personnel to share innovation in an internal, intranet style network. While this might not sound like the most exciting thing of all time, the employee benefits world has welcomed this development from the London-based firm, with other operators set to follow in the near future.

With social networks penetrating so much of our lives outside of the workplace it’s understandable why more and more firms are expecting the same kind of information sharing mechanisms within their businesses.

–Healthcare for all.

We all need healthcare and, luckily, we all get a great service from the NHS. But for many workers, the idea of having a slightly more bespoke, personalised service from a private medical insurer – such as Bupa or Spire Healthcare – will really help increase engagement.

You see, when we’re all taking part in the nine to five ritual, our bodies take a real hit and the stress and tiredness of it all can add up and cause medical issues. Having these ironed out by a well-qualified, well-paid GP will really give your staff peace of mind.

Additionally, if any problems are caught early, this will give your personnel the best chance of recovering as quickly as possible so they can get back to work. However, this process mustn’t be rushed and people should only be brought into the office when they are ready.