Marketing qualified leads are the prospects that indicate interest in your company’s products or services. This can be observed by doing activities such as downloading a white paper, giving you their cards during trade show, attending a seminar or webinar, etc.

In short, marketing qualified lead services means that company shows interest in you, but they are not really sure if your products and series qualify to satiate their needs. Thus the product services are not ready to pass on to sales until they are better qualified.

marketing qualified leads


This is challenging for the companies that runs multichannel marketing campaigns to reduce the ever-present gap between marketing and sales. Where marketers focus on generating high volume of high quality leads, sales team are interested in getting qualified sales opportunity.

There are number of things that marketers can do to close the gap between sales and marketing. Thus to achieve all these things, lead generation services provides an option for maintaining a database influencing how to build database for qualified marketing leads. They are as follows:

–Targeting the market criteria:

Choose industry and sub-industry that you are trying to target. To develop a marketing lead database or business contact list for several multiple companies you need to target them one by one. You should not move forward to make an attempt for covering all of them in one go.

–Defining company criteria:

Define company’s broad criteria that will help you to identify the companies on the basis of chosen revenue. Choose the company or an industry by revenue, employee size; geography, etc. make a smart selection that will help in managing marketing qualified leads.

–Selecting right companies:

After having companies criteria, select the right companies while creating database. You need to do various things like search, download or copy and paste list of the companies from various internet resources.

–Defining functional role:

Identify the area or division, or department of the organization where your target contact is likely to be located.  It may be IT department, Human Resource Department, Marketing Department or Manufacturing Department.

–Defining level of decision making:

Define the level of decision maker you wish to target. You can target any user as well as influencer like Director of IT, VP of Marketing or CFO.

–Forming up of proper format:

The format of the database should be appropriately formed. Design an excel format for data capture and maintain proper records in each row with appropriate attribute values for it. Write all data attributes that you want to capture like name, mailing address, email address, phone number and many others.

It is a good practice if you check the format of CRM or any other automation tool and remain updated with the newer version of that software. This will make your work easy and efficient. Also you can easily import marketing leads database as well as business contact list file to your CRM, email marketing platform or contact management application.

–Initiating internet based research and following order of preference:

Visit website of the company and see if the name of the contact is listed under management team or About Us section or History section. If you are not getting contact, them you may proceed further and pick up any data attribute like phone number or mailing address and populate it in excel sheet.

–Refining search processes:

After maintaining the database, refine all the records and try to limit it to around 10-12 companies or contacts per hour. This will also help you to avoid endless searching of any business contact list.

–Validating the results:

Validate the results of marketing lead database. Call all the companies to verify the contacts that still work for the company. In this stage you are just marketing and verifying the accuracy rather than selling those leads.

Author Bio: Gregg Schwartz is a writer and blogger and also he has several years of experience on various lead generation services and so he is sharing some tips to build database for marketing qualified leads. 

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  1. All of these tips are on point. By gathering this data, you will have the information you need to launch a really targeted and personalized lead nurture program

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