If you’ve worked hard to make your small business profitable, it’s important that you understand the potential security risks that could compromise this success. Businesses are often a target for hackers, thieves and vandals, so it’s crucial that owners understand how to keep their company buildings and data safe and uncompromised.

–Data Security

It’s very important to educate your staff in terms of data security. There should be clear guidelines available concerning how to create a strong password and how often this password should be changed. Spend some time thinking about the applications you want to allow in your network and which are too risky to run.

Peer to peer file sharing applications have a bad reputation in terms of data security and can be used to distribute viruses. Enforce your data policy wherever possible and impose sanctions for staff who violate the policy. Be selective on team collaboration apps your employees are using.

Where possible, encrypt sensitive data.  If you can encrypt the data, in the event of a breach, the information will be safe from total compromise. Keep sensitive customer data on the fewest number of computers or servers. Authorised personnel should only be allowed to access sensitive business data.

–Building Security

If you wish to keep your business premises safe, it’s important to consider a CCTV system. These can be purchased at competitive rates from a range of providers, including JMC Secure.  Office buildings and small businesses seem to be increasingly targeted for break-ins.   The type of security system your business will need will largely depend on the type of building, size and budget of the business.

Deter potential thieves and vandals by keeping your business premises well-lit, with adequate lighting in all entryways and exits. You can also keep some interior lights on when the building is not in use to give the impression of activity. If you’re concerned about the cost of lighting, consider fitting lights with daylight sensors.

These will allow your business to make the most of daylight hours and cut costs. This is also a good option if your business wishes to reduce its environmental impact.

The exterior of your business is less likely to be a target for thieves if it faces outwards on to the street and has a well-maintained appearance. If the building is tucked away, it is even more crucial that you invest in good lighting and motion sensors to pick up on possible illegal activity.

–Authorized Access

Keep a log of the essential personnel who require keys to the building. These keys should be numbered and coded so they can easily be tracked. If a key is lost, this must be reported immediately so that the corresponding locks can be changed.

Many buildings require an access code to be remembered by all employees and if this is the case, there should be another sturdy door that can be locked when the office space is not in use to prevent after-hours access from employees and third parties.

Your small business can significantly reduce the risk of data loss, compromise, or attack with the right resources, apps,devices and tools.


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