Any way you choose to look at it, operating a business is an expensive undertaking. Whether you’re delivering fruit and vegetables or running a brokerage on Wall Street, saving money where you can will give you a far better chance at success.

One of the chief expenses in many small businesses is the cost of running a fleet of vehicles. Indeed, petrol is a very expensive commodity these days and you want to ensure that you get the very most out of yours. Here are some great tips to help you do just that.

–Install Speed Limiters

These little gadgets are by far the best way to ensure that you get the most miles per gallon on all of your vehicles. Of course, driving within the speed limit (or even lower – 50 miles per hour is the optimum speed for fuel-saving) will enable you keep costs to a minimum.

But as a business owner, can you rely on your staff to do so? In reality, most people drive at least a few miles above the limit and your employees won’t be any different.

By having good quality speed limiters installed on your vehicles (ECU Flash Limited is a great option), you are guaranteed to save money, as none of the vehicles in your fleet will be able to travel faster than the maximum speed you select.

–Look After Your Investment

Your company vehicles are an investment like any other, and you should treat them as such. Whilst you can’t monitor your drivers 24/7, you can strongly encourage them to drive sensibly and cautiously.

Accelerating and breaking fast will wear your vehicle down pretty quickly and will not produce a great many miles per gallon, so sensible driving is essential. Equally important though, is that you have your vehicles serviced on a regular basis.

However sensibly your drivers go about their business, the vehicle are going to see a fair amount of use. Neglecting to keep on top of repairs and servicing will only loose you money in the long term.

–Simple Steps to Superior MPG

None of these tips require much effort or much money. On the contrary, they will save you money. And basically, it’s all common sense: keep below the limit (with the help of speed limiters), drive carefully and service your car. Do this, and you can expect significant savings each financial year.