Distributors are the middlemen in the retail process; they get the manufacturers product from the factory door to as many outlets as possible. Ok, that’s a simplified description, but it is basically what a distributor does.

You may have a superb product but you’ll need a distributor to get it out into the shops and e-commerce websites (you’ll also need a good marketing department, but that’s a subject for another time).

In this article we’re going to look at the sources of distributors you can find online. There are several directories available, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Some are general in nature, others are designed to cater for a certain industry or sector of the economy.


Microscope, a website that reports technology news also offers a highly useful database of distributors and re-sellers for the UK tech market. This database is particularly helpful if you are looking for a distributor working in a specialist area. You’ll find names, addresses and specialisms in the database, plus a filter to help you find suitable companies in your area.

Pro’s: The directory appears to be regularly updated and can be downloaded to your desktop. Very useful for finding specialist distributors.

Con’s: Only covers the technology sector.

UK Trade Directory

This directory of distributors and importers covers a fairly comprehensive variety of sectors in the UK economy. Although not an extensive list, you’ll find everything from printer accessory distributors to electrical wiring equipment.

Pro’s: Covers a variety of sectors.

Con’s: The directory is fairly small.

Wholesale Pages

Wholesale Pages feature a regularly updated directory of distributors in the UK. These are mainly wholesale distributors operating in areas such as transport, clothing, health, computing, mobile phones, telecoms, industrial, office supplies, publishing and many more.

The site says that many of their distributors offer multiple modes of delivery. However to get specific information about each distributor, you will have to sign up to their site.

Pro’s: A large and detailed directory with flexible distributors.

Con’s: Membership of the site is required to gain distributors details.


Calling itself a ‘UK B2B Trade Portal’, Esources’ directory lists a huge variety of UK distributors. Covering areas such as industrial hardware, hydraulic tools, automotive, electrical, construction, clothing and computing, the site is comprehensive and regularly updated.

Pro’s: Comprehensive and up to date.

Con’s: Membership required.

Chemical Distributors Directory

A comprehensive database of chemical distributors, traders and agents available on the Web. More than 6982 companies in over 120 countries are listed in the directory. Designed for ease of use, you can search for chemical distributors by filtering names, country or region and/or market sector. The directory is regularly updated.

Pro’s: Useful search filters make finding what you need easy.

Con’s: Only covers the chemical industry.

British Fluid Power Association

The BFPA promotes the technical, trade and commercial interests of manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in the United Kingdom. In addition to offering technical services, marketing data and marketing assistance, their website also offers an extensive directory detailing the entire industry that many companies will find highly useful.

Pro’s: A large source of information for industry members.

Con’s: The directory is difficult to navigate.

The Wholesaler UK

A directory of distributors for independent traders and retailers. The Wholesaler UK is free to use and you do not need to be a member to access the contact details of the retailers in the directory. On the site you will find distributors for everything from air conditioning to watches and a whole variety of items in-between. Wholesaler only lists UK wholesalers with verifiable contact details. The companies are removed from the directory if the site has any doubts about them.

Pro’s: Companies on the directory are constantly updated and vetted.

Con’s: None.

Source Security

A website detailing security products, companies and distributors in the UK and abroad. Features company profiles, news from different security sectors and a searchable directory. The directory lists both distributors and manufacturers, with search filters that allow you to narrow your search by country, product area and type.

Pro’s: Directory covers all areas of the security industry. Filters help you search through the very large database.

Con’s: For the security sector only. Listing is free for distributors and manufacturers.

This run-down of online distributor sources should provide you with a starting-point for finding a distributor for your companies products. Many of these listing sites cover such a wide variety of industries, that you are sure to find a match!

About the author: Article created by Hydralok. Utlising distrubtor’s for international trade is part of the hydralok business model. 

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