It is no secret that one of the biggest challenges you face when you start up a business will be getting your name out there, and this is why marketing is such an important arm of business.

When you have decent marketing it allows your business name and philosophy to spread through the market quickly and people will soon be aware of who you are and what you can provide them with, and this will lead to consistent business. So, what are some good and unique ways to advertise your company and what you do?

There are all the regular types of advertising that you can go for including posters, television adverts, radio ads and of course internet marketing which has exploded in recent years, but there is also much more that you could do.

Corporate gifts are always a good idea, and this is because it shows that you are generous and that you care about your customers, affiliates and clients. Corporate gifts are always a classy and welcomed present and it is a terrific way for you to get your name out there, so if you are currently struggling to raise awareness about your business or you are simply feeling a bit generous then consider this business marketing method.

–Get your Own Personalised Miniatures Created

One great gift idea that can stand out and make a great impression among your employees and customers alike is a kick – off party, festivals, get-together day, birthdays etc. For every best and unique idea there should be a surprising gift. (Movie tickets, team out, team lunch, Drinks, chocolates, An official day off etc.). Find an opportune moment to also reward your top customers and they will stick with your business for a very long time.

Unusual gifts to like whisky or wine packages on Fridays are top quality drinks which will no doubt be warmly received. You could give miniature bottles as the gift. Check out for a personalised gift idea. There are a lot of options and ideas for all occasions.

This includes you being able to submit your own label design or they will be able to create one for you, and this will really impress whoever the recipient is and show that you are a business that takes pride in showing that they care for customers, affiliates and clients and you value their business.

This will have an immediate positive impact on your company and improve your relationships, and a simple gift like this could make a big difference to how people respond to your business and how they perceive you.

Google provides its workers with a lot of perks, most are unheard of at the average 9-5 gig. The right employee perks can attract and retain top talent whilst the perfect customer gifts can go a long to improve the image of your business.