It is the era of globalization, and, with the growth of Information Technology, the world is becoming more and more globalized. If IT is playing such a major role in globalizing the world, then how can it be confined to an on-premise location? Globalization is here, there, and everywhere, and it is something that is setting the mandates for managing a business.

The future of IT was pictured way back. Time has now come when it is necessary for every businessman or entrepreneur to realize the significance of utilizing a platform which facilitates the sharing of software, resources, data, and other information, as and when the demand comes.

–Need no. 1: The Inevitable Reality Check

It becomes a necessity to centralize the key resources as soon as the business starts expanding and begins to maximize its Return on Investment (RoI). If you are an entrepreneur, then matters related to data backups, security issues, software, remote accessibility of applications and documents, and communication among your employees, must be your major concern.

Besides this, management of sufficient and suitable space for the installation of hardware, storage of data, and hosting services is a tedious task for the entrepreneurs. If your business is based in multiple geographical locations, then you would have witnessed more challenges while dealing with these issues. Thus, if you need to manage these issues in a more customized way then cloud computing is the best solution for you.

–Need no. 2: Focus on the statistics

A report from the Cloud Industry Forum said that vast majority of enterprises in the United Kingdom (in fact more than 75 %) would deploy cloud hosting in one or the other sector of their business by the end of 2013.

Moreover, other reports said that 80 % of the businesses which already use cloud would significantly increase their budget for this technical segment. These statistics might be of a great help to you if you are an entrepreneur and are planning to upgrade your system.

–Need no. 3: Try to find out the reasons behind the expansion of cloud hosting

If some entrepreneurs can spend a lot of money in order to maintain an on-site IT infrastructure and dedicated servers, why not the others do the same? It is also important to find out why businesses are shifting towards cloud hosting services from a vendor instead of maintaining their personal IT infrastructure.

As per the perspectives of an entrepreneur, some reasons which have led to the tremendous growth of cloud hosting technology are as follows:

1. Significant reduction in the Upfront costs

Most of the businesses that have shifted towards cloud hosting have significantly reduced their operating expenses encountered on daily basis. Cloud-based applications such as sharing of documents, emails, video conferencing, etc. have the capability to notably cut down your unnecessary expenditures.

You are also saved from expenses that you would have otherwise made to purchase a dedicated server or in order to maintain a secure IT infrastructure.  Besides this, almost all of the necessary IT solutions can be obtained through the Internet at very low prices.

2. Improved accessibility

Cloud hosting lets you and your employees to work from any location of the world and on a wide variety of devices such as laptops, palmtops, personal computers, smartphone, etc. All your important data, files, applications, software, etc. is present on the cloud.

You can access these if you have an Internet connection. This feature of cloud hosting allows you and your employees to work from anywhere and at any point of time, thereby increasing the productivity of your business.

3. Working is very easy

You are not required to install any hardware or software while working on the cloud. All you need to do is save your documents in OneDrive or SkyDrive in order to sync your files to cloud storage. It is almost similar to saving a word file on a personal computer. For doing these simple things, you do not need to undergo any professional training or consult an expert.

4. Enhances the productivity

There are a number of cloud-based tools such as GitHub, Heroku, Parse, Online Exchange, SharePoint, etc. which simplifies the tasks of sending mails, sharing files, sharing code snippets, and more. These tools also enable easy accessibility of files from any location.

This ultimately enables employees to work from home, or when they are travelling, or when they are in gym. Cloud hosting adds flexibility and mobility to the entire process of task completion.

5. Enhances the scalability and flexibility

Cloud allows you to willingly choose the service plans as per your need. This allows you to control your expenses. You simply need to let your vendor know about the IT functions that you require and pay for the same till the time you use it. Moreover, you are at freedom to enhance or diminish your services at any point of time. You simply pay for what you use.

6. Cloud-based solutions upgrades quickly

Whenever a new update comes up, your service vendor would deal with it instantaneously. This means, you need not sit at regular intervals in order to update your software or to upgrade your operating tools. It is simply the responsibility of your service vendor to use their resources, proficiency, and time in order to keep you and your business updated.

7. Security is increased manifold

If you unite your business with a cloud host, you will be ahead of your counterparts. This is only possible because it is your vendor’s responsibility to make sure that the services are being delivered to you in a very secure environment.

Businesses which have not yet shifted towards the cloud spend a huge sum of money and time as well in order to maintain the security of their data, servers, application, software, and many such other important things. Owners of such businesses keep on scratching their head in order to find out the adequate measures to keep away from malwares, viruses, and hackers.

Cloud helps the entrepreneurs to save money that is otherwise unnecessarily spend on such security checks. Money that is saved here can be used in the accomplishment of some other business-related task.

Cloud hosting is one such technical feat which renders the business-related tasks very simple and also increases the working efficiency of the employees. Besides this, cloud-based services also help in the outsourcing of various parts of your business such as sales and support.

Go through the points mentioned above. It will help you in deciding whether you want to stick to your existing IT infrastructure or you want to adopt the cloud.

Author bio: Viola Allen is a SIP and VoIP expert, currently employed with SIPTrunk Providers Dot Com. Her passion is to write about the recent technological advancements, including Cloud Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Her main motive is to gain more and more information about the latest technological advancements in the industry.

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