Certain meetings can make or break your business career. Your pitch to potential investors may be quickly forgotten or dismissed because your attire did not inspire them with professional confidence.

No one wants to lose out simply because their wardrobe let them down, so learn how to dress for success and avoid professional disappointment.

–The basics

A high-quality suit in matching colours is absolutely essential for these important meetings, although it’s important not to overdo things in terms of luxury business attire. Conspicuously expensive clothes and accessories may give investors the impression that your business is doing better than is actually the case, and may wonder why you’re even asking for their investment.

Suits in a shade of charcoal may be more suitable that a funereal black as they are more forgiving for a range of different complexions. Leave the chinos and tweed jacket at home, and focus on projecting an image of professionalism.

Make sure that all your garments are properly ironed and pressed. A crumpled suit will make you look untidy and stressed, and may suggest to investors that you’re finding it difficult to keep on top of things.

–A pop of colour

It’s important to remember that your potential investors are in attendance to hear about your business pitch. Your clothing should in no way distract them from this. Avoid gimmicky attire or garish colours, and women should remember to keep their skirt length modest and their heels at a professional height.

However, there is a balance to be struck because you also want to cut a memorable figure. If in doubt, include a single splash of colour to brighten your outfit. This could be in the form of a tie, pocket handkerchief or

–Smart accessories

It’s usually good to keep jewellery to a minimum so that it doesn’t create a distraction during the meeting. Women should go with simple stud earrings and a subtle pendant necklace, while men should choose plain over flashy or novelty cufflinks.

Both men and women look poised and professional in watches, so go ahead and strap on your timepiece. It’s important to invest in a watch that will be appropriate for dress occasions and crucial business meetings, and this doesn’t mean that you should spend over the odds for gemstone decorations or underwater capabilities (unless you’re a keen diver). The meeting should be your prime focus even as you try to put up a great first impression.

A simple, classic design with either a metal or leather strap is appropriate but don’t allow the focus to be shifted from what you are capable of as a person to what you wear. A simple business professional outfit can greatly enhance your confidence but again work on delivering a great presentation.

If you’re still stuck, and not sure on which style of watch would be best for the occasion, be sure to check out this helpful infographic from the guys over at Paul Twice. When it comes to choosing a stylish and suitable timepiece, these guys really know their stuff!