Many people with the belief that a master’s degree takes years to attain may not be aware that they can complete an MBA program within a year. Many programs are designed to allow full-time students to complete a program in 12 months although there are programs that allow more flexibility between eight and 20 months. In any case, those who have thought of pursuing an MBA have the opportunity to enroll in a program that works with their lifestyles so that they can pursue their career goals.

One of the first ways to find the best program for your purposes is to look at the top-ranked schools that offer MBAs. HEC Montreal not only has one of the most highly ranked MBA programs, but it also has one of the lowest tuition costs even for non-residents of Quebec.

As Canada’s oldest business school, HEC has a steadily growing international reputation as a quality school that uses teaching methods such as case studies, computer simulations, lectures, oral presentations and role-playing.

York University also has the Schulich School of Business, which is regarded as one of the best One-year MBA programs in the world. Students in this program can complete it in eight months in a full-time program.

This accelerated program has nine specializations including financial services, public management, international business, entrepreneurial studies, business and sustainability, nonprofit management and leadership. However, even though the school has an excellent worldwide reputation, York can cost more than four times as other schools such as HEC.

Of course, it is also very important to look at other factors when pursuing a one-year MBA such as the school’s location and the courses it offers. For instance, if you look at Laurier M.B.A. options, you see that the school has locations in Toronto and Waterloo. You will also see that the intensive full-time program includes eight different programs in business.

Students can choose from 10 different specializations including accounting, entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship, international business management, operations management, organizational behavior and human resource management and supply chain management.

Once you know what type of specialization is right for you, you can look at specific courses in your area. Laurier University has core courses, but these courses cannot be taken for a field declaration.

However, you will find a specific course of study such as the supply chain management concentration that includes global operations and logistics, supply chain management, business-to-business marketing and procurement and supply management.

Whether you want to advance in your current workplace or perhaps you are looking to move into a different area of professional work, you can consider a One-year MBA to help you advance in your position.

A full-time commitment to a program means you can gain your degree within a year and stay on track with your career and educational goals. When looking at a program, you have to look at an array of factors including cost, location and areas of specialization to find a good fit for your needs.