Indeed, a business that looks like it’s fresh out of a warzone should really consider a facelift. If any clients come to visit, they’ll head the other way before they even reach the front door. Invest in your business premises today and welcome clients into your office with confidence.

Just as the shoes say everything about the man, so too does a workplace say everything about its owner. More than this, a poorly kept premises can lower the motivation of your employees, making their work poorer and their moods sourer.

There are rafts of simple improvements you can make to your workplace to make it shine.

–Keep it eco-friendly with plant life

If you have a look around your office right now, the first thing you might notice is that it’s lacking in plant life to inject the outdoors into your premises.

Office plants, shrubberies, palm trees for a tropical feel – while you don’t want your business to look like a greenhouse (unless you’re running a greenhouse business, obviously), some plants dotted around your workplace will enhance it by oxygenating the air and providing a soothing influence on your employees.

Make your office a masterpiece with awesome artwork

What do MC Escher, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock have in common? None of them are hanging in your office!

While you don’t have to buy a painting from one of the masters, you should purchase artworks that will inspire and motivate your employees. And, not just any old banal business nonsense, like a painting of two Wall Street-types high-fiving each other.

No, choose paintings that you personally appreciate and, fingers crossed, your enthusiasm will rub off on your staff.

–Make your logo shine (its your primary brand)

Your business logo represents the very image of your business and should be well designed to suit what you represent as a company.

Bear in mind that the first thing a potential client is likely to see is your business logo, whether it’s online or plastered over your front door.

So make first impressions count with a design that looks like it was bestowed upon you by some logo-hawking deity. Get a professional in and explain the aims and tone of your business, and they’ll be sure to rustle up something to capture your company’s essence, drawing in potential clients with your style.

–Find some room to breathe

A good while ago – about 3000 years, to be precise – wise men in the east were coming up with a Zen practice called Feng Shui. Essentially a spiritual guide to interior design, Feng Shui has endured and can give your business an equilibrium.

Again, reel in a specialist to make your space optimal, calming and as far from a dump as you can imagine.

Give your office a face lift. There are so many things you can do without necessarily spending so much on interior design. You spend most of your time at the office, make it your second home by turning around a few things and rearranging objects to boost your creativity and productivity.