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These are our top pick for you this week.

1. The Two Words Steve Jobs Hated Most

It’s not often that we get to hear new first-hand accounts of what it was like to work at Steve Jobs’ Apple. When we do get a new chance, there’s always some new reveal about how he shaped the company’s more

2. My illustrated top 10 tips for success (Richard Branson)

Like many people, I learn better through experience than theory. Also, if presented with huge reams of text, I tend to lose interest quite quickly. Lots of us are more visual learners, so I wanted to expand my 10 tips with…read more

3. The Differences Between Successful People and Unsuccessful People

A few weeks ago I received a postcard in the mail from the CEO of Petra Coach, the creator of Align Software and a fellow member of Entrepreneurs Organization. I’ve never met him, but Andy Bailey and his postcard that I…read more

4. How to Say ‘I’m the Best’ Without Actually Saying It

I once introduced a baseball player to a CEO of a large sporting agency. They exchanged their names and little else. Afterwards, I asked the athlete why he didn’t mention that he’d been signed twice to minor league…read more

5. 24 Awesome Tools That Can Help You Learn Something New This Year

If you are thinking about great tools you need to use to get smarter or learn something significant to improve your yourself this year, these awesome tools are just what you need. There is a good chance you’ll be able to put…read more

6. Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight: It Happens In These Five Stages

Although circumstances often change in the blink of an eye, people tend to change  at a slower pace. Even the most motivated people who welcome change often encounter stumbling blocks that make transformation more…read more

7. How to make what you are really worth

When I launched a side business about five years ago coaching people about their finances, I enjoyed it so much that I barely charged–if I charged at all–for my services. Many of the people I was helping were in the hole….read more

8. The Six Worst Pieces Of Business Advice Anyone Ever Gave Me

When you are starting your own business, there is no shortage of advice and opinions flowing your way. Mention that you’re striking out on your own, and everyone — from your brother-in-law to the person sitting next…read more

9. 4 Fighting Instincts to Succeed in Business and Life

An uppercut crashes into your jaw. Your fists clench your heart races and you feel adrenaline race inside. Time to fight. Fighting brings out an instinctual, primordial power. But professional fighters know that the act of…read more

10. Seth Godin: What Marketers Are Getting Wrong

Seth Godin, best-selling author and entrepreneur, is one of the most prominent names in marketing today. Godin has worked in the field for decades and his blog is one of the most trafficked on the Web. Last week, the marketing….read more