How do you get your brand noticed? There could be hundreds of ideas out there you can possibly try today. Most businesses are doing everything they can to ensure that their new business and the brand they are creating gets the attention it deserves. Branding begins the moment you decide to start a business. Every message or idea you are conveying about who you are will either send a stronger message about what you stand for or a weaker message about what you are not.

–Can you create a compelling (extraordinary) marketing story?

People are used to too many ordinary and the same kinds of ads and marketing campaigns. Can you do something different which your competitors have not even thought about doing in your industry. To catch people’s attention, you simply must do something out of the ordinary. People notice when things are out of place-great marketing stories sell. And your product will stand out. Don’t create another boring message, nobody will notice and they won’t talk about, speak about it or even share it.

–Focus on attracting loyal and proactive audience

Your best chance of getting your ideas, stories and products shared on as many platforms as possible is an audience that believe in what you are doing and passionately use and promote your brand. Think Apple. Dedicated Apple users don’t stop talking about what are associated with.

They proud to be Apple users and promote Apple products knowingly or unknowingly. Can you create that impact? If you are building a product people actually want, you won’t have to worry too much about marketing or promotion. Your product won’t be difficult to sell.

–Educate and Inform Your audience with amazing content

Make it so difficult for your prospective audience to ignore you. When you set out to give your best resources for free in your bid to educate and inform, people will know and sense your genuineness as a business. Hubspot, Kissmetrics, Buffer and Quicksprout are a few brands out there that share massive informative content without hesitation.

They have invested resources into making sure the content they share are different from the rest and guess what, people trust them and are happy to share their resources and associate with them. Create content that is not sale-focused but customer-centric – 100% guaranteed that people will appreciate your effort to educate and inform.

–When was the last time you shared original content from your customers?

Put your customers in the spotlight. Encourage them to share their interesting videos, photos and posts related to your product or industry on your social platforms.  Find a way to feature your customers creative ideas and uses of your product on your business blog. You should ask your customers to send in videos and photos. You’ll get great content, make your customers feel important and become inspired in the process.

Video marketing is one of the least expensive ways to get your product to the right audience. Creating a compelling viral video can be done easily and can be posted to YouTube in a matter of minutes. Focus on a great story people can associate with and they will easily share your message with others.

–Measure and stick to what works

In as much as you want to be on every platform to promote your product, it’s important to stick to strategies that actually work and can guarantee loyal customers and followers. You don’t have to be everywhere. Once you learn how to effectively manage video, text and photo tactics that work, you will be able to make the most of your marketing budget.

You could also consult a professional agency with a minimal budget to help you stick to what works. RPM agency work with some of the world’s most discerning brands delivering positive brand behaviour, you can check them out for advice if you are ready to engage the services of a branding professional.