We won’t sugar coat it, forming a startup business can be an uphill struggle. As such, suffering some inevitable setbacks early on into your start up venture can lead you to become complacent and may even make you lose sight of why you decided to take the plunge in the first place. But you should only ever view this lull as a chance to dust yourself off and press on rather than choose the tempting alternative.

It takes a fresh perspective to remind yourself of your businesses strengths and what it is that originally put the fire in your belly. Here are some key reasons why starting a start up business will always be a worthwhile pursuit.

–Business know-how

Whether your business takes 5 or 15 attempts to become successful, the very act of a forming a start up business provides an incredible learning curve and you are likely to soak up more about the workings of business in your first year of trading than in your company’s entire lifespan. It’s also worth noting that each failure breeds experience and an added depth of insider knowledge into a particular market in a way that a rare first-time success cannot.


Setting up your own business inevitably comes with an infinite mountain of responsibility. Fall to pieces and every aspect of your business will follow suit, but embrace this new opportunity head on and you will have the greatest implement in an entrepreneur’s arsenal – control. Striking the right balance between control and chaos takes patience and experience but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of what you can accomplish when you have it.

–Making a difference

Everyone likes to think they could make the world a better place in some small way and the world of business can promise this. Not every business will have the potential to change the world, but by believing in this business mantra and reinforcing it on a daily basis, you will sell your passion to those who wish to witness it. At the end of the day, persistent and unfaltering self-belief is what separates the ambitious ‘itchy feet’ entrepreneurs from content and humble organisations.

Self-motivation is vital to start ups – find a reason to be driven every day and you will soon be able to put long-held dreams into practise. No matter how discouraging things may seem in the early stages, start up businesses can always find the help they need to develop in key areas.

Companies old and new are always aiming to grow and seek easier solutions for the benefit of employees and overall management. If your start up idea lacks driving force, emphasize the strengths and positive reasons behind your business strategy in order to help you improve upon weaker elements.

If you are passionate about a new idea or project, you can give it a try and start creating a real business out of it. You are better off trying and knowing it didn’t work out than not trying at all. You don’t want to regret the shots you should have taken when you had the chance. If you really want to start something, the time to do it is now.