Every single one of us harbours a secret dream to own something that fully belongs to us. We yearn to be the masters and run the enterprise as per our own understanding. While entrepreneurship is an inherent skill with many of us, and is very much in fashion these days, there are very few companies that get the kick start they need to eventually become a successful business.

There are many reasons that one can attribute to their failure and most important one is lack of experience. Here are some tips that will help you build something sustainable.

1. Let your passion drive you: For any business idea to take birth and then start formulating, the person needs to have serious passion for it and the will to keep going against all odds. There are many people who will dissuade you along the way, but the real reason to keep going should be the belief in your dream and the drive to keep pushing yourself.

2. Have a realistic vision: Don’t be disheartened if your initial idea did not fare well in the market. If your business partnerships failed at the very onset or your products and did not create the buzz you were expecting. Just get down to the basics again and start re-planning your strategies. Think of all the things that may have caused the failure in the first place. Try to hit those targets and start working on it again. The vision is absolutely necessary for you to chart a plan of action.

3. Cloud computing can you some initial costs: Technology these days is as much an ally as it is a foe. There are so many things that allow small startups to focus on their core competencies while other non-core values are dealt with in the backend. With the advent of cloud computing, new businesses can save huge infrastructure costs by using all web based applications.

Understanding the growing popularity of the web space and possible threats, many cloud computing service providers also offer business security solutions which will keep your data secure and also provide you the freedom to operate from anywhere. For everything else there is antivirus software which protects your important data from any vulnerability.

4. Look for opportunities if they don’t come knocking: the best way to introduce innovative and competitive products in the market is by using the customer feedback forms. Address all the pain points and look for opportunities to capitalise on. Once you are able to find the cause and effect relationship, you are well on your way to start a company with new products and a ready market.

5. Find the right guidance: In order to have sustainable business, it is important to have experience. However, if you don’t have it, find someone who has. The need for a mentor is not only important it is also necessary so that you know when and how to proceed. Your mentors can either give you financial assistance or experiential assistance. Either ways you get to make the best out of the situation.

Start-ups are all about patience and right guidance. It helps to keep yourself up to speed with the new technologies that can come in handy and reduce the non-core competency work load until you are capable of hiring a team to do that for you.

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